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    Was the story good?

    I'm right here with you. Barely any interesting characters, not much point for trading, unimpressive animations, missed opportunities, too many small locations scattered across the map, a story that cannibalizes both F1 and F2, sluggish FPS controls etc. I midlly enjoyed it for around 20 hours, but it's really not a good example of either console or RPG gaming. There are still great console games- GTAIV+DLC comes to mind, Assassin's Creed 2, Pure, Rythm games, Red Dead Redemption and Mafia II come soon... Oh and Mass Effect 2. Which I played on the PC, but is great nonetheless. As for CnC4's story, I've only seen the FMVs, and, while not terrible, there's not much plot to speak of; very short, rather uneventful.
  2. If EA is really going for the "Kane lured the Scrin to Earth to escape our world"-angle, then they're actually pretty close to what WW planned, if Isgreen's word are anything to come by. He mentioned something about Kane wanting to leave his earthly prison on the Petro forums. Cool trailer, by the way. I wish they would have licensed the MassiveTech Engine though, now we'd have visuals matching the epicness...
  3. Taylor does not direct the CnC4 FMVs. And they're supposed to be a lot better than Taylor's.
  4. Started out nice with the crashed GST, but went downhill afterwards- graphics look severyl dated, the music didn't fit and the editing wasn't exciting. Whilst the first RA3 gameplay trailer blew me away...
  5. As Lukus said, it is Tiberium harvesting. I guess "we" find out soon enough how it works. I fancy it's quite enjoyable *cough*
  6. hagren

    C&C 4 Developer QA Session #5

    These are if I may say so, pretty neat gameplay mechanics and have nothing at all to do with the atmosphere. I personally look forward to some cool upgrade combinations.
  7. Silverthorn: The shadows are less pixelated, the ground textures are much, much sharper, and the water/dust/smoke effects are very detailed. So there is improvement, even if subtle.
  8. hagren

    C&C 4 Developer QA Session #4

    I guess they implemented this to ensure that the defense classes' infantry is useful. But it makes me wonder how much difference there is left between a vehicle and a beefed-up infantry unit.
  9. I sure as hell did, with the exception of the flawed walker movement (Any info about that?) And the new QA sounded spectacularrr!
  10. hagren

    C&C 4 - The Forgotten Gorilla

    I love you guys, that name is awsome!
  11. hagren

    C&C 4 - The Forgotten Gorilla

    Imho it fits the shiners design philosophy quite well- looks both "out-of-the-world" and cheaply assembled.
  12. It has FMVs, Kane, GDI and Nod, even the Forgotten, so if they utilize these aspects for a great singleplayer experience, I embrace it as the next CnC
  13. You'll be happy to hear then what Mr. Feasel recently posted at the off. forums:
  14. That would take away from the team factor, though. Now for 1vs1, you're right.
  15. hagren

    Another Joe Kucan Interview in GamesCon09

    Wow that girl was irritatingly amateur.
  16. hagren

    Pathfinding in C&C 4

    CoH and DoW showed that squads can work.
  17. hagren

    Official boxart?

    ...so you purchase games for their boxes? "Hey, that game sounds great, but the boxart sucks, no way I'm going to buy that, I'll pirate it even though that still won't change the boxart, in fact, I won't have any at all!". You are crazy Silverthorn. Eery, even And JFYI, the soldier head boxes weren't exactly sohpisticated or meticulously detailed art pieces. Jeez...
  18. hagren

    Official boxart?

    It's a recurring element in all CnC boxarts since TFD, that's the sole reason for it. And chill down, I think its respectful they don't try to sell these games as WW titles. Who cares so much about box art anyway?
  19. No, I agree with him. Copying strong ideas is a positive thing, IF you can add anything substantial to it. Like, say, Lord of the Rings contains many elements of other legends, yet is considered THE quintessential fantasy tale. If you're against pasting that strongly, you'd have to hate every classical RTS coming out after Dune 2 and all FPS since Wolfenstein.
  20. As I've already said in the other thread, Kane's nonchalant pose with the globe eerily creeping behind him looks epic, but the unit concepts look a bit off. I'd also like to add that the black areas could be minimized a notch.
  21. hagren

    Official boxart?

    It's real, and it's in line with EA's design, so that's fine. Kane standing around all wise with the globe behind him looks epic, but they really should do something about those unit concepts on the bottom.
  22. Not every unit looks bad, though.
  23. I translated the article's main points as-is, so it can be interpreted in multiple ways. But I'm pretty sure they really meant losing all previously built units.
  24. Nope, I'm happy they do it, and even happier that they do it with the distant sequel to Tiberian Dawn- after all, it's THE strategy game after Dune 2 that changed the genre forever, so it's fitting to overhaul it here. We just had too many Tiberian games already to make me put up with basebuilding again. I guess it was a strategic decision; if they made the changes to a completely new IP, they could have failed altogether. Here, at least the story could save it (Even though Mr. Bass seriously needs some Math classes ).
  25. I dig the Mastodon equally. Pretty clever name, btw.