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  1. Singapore was clearing them at $2 or $5 for the boxed version sometime back if I remembered correctly.
  2. Just tried out as Nod, feels pretty cool compared to plain GDI. Or maybe it's because it's still in the exploratory phase whereas playing as GDI was more or less stagnant at a certain level.
  3. First half of the survey was trying to find out about gaming habits/trend on mobile devices and opinions on non-related EA games... a little too obvious when all the TA questions are only at the back.
  4. Feels very action-packed! Great job!
  5. This is the first time I am playing a mod and I love it. It's pretty awesome! I like the art direction modeled after the original Red Alert 1. So far, I have only tried out the full tech for Allies and I noticed that there are no Ore Silos. Also, there is no C-4 icon when using Tanya to blow up buildings; would be nice to have it. Just thought that I point out some comments. Lastly, a noob question: Only the skirmish mode can be played right?
  6. Yeah, pretty cool video and I like the use of the music; very fitting.
  7. Voted for Einstein. Yeah, they got the wrong game... it should be RA2.
  8. I did the survey as well. I indicated more interest in stuff like tank unit models which would be cool.
  9. Very nice episode! But Zee Hypnotist, isn't it easier to use lego bricks for the walls instead of plasticine?
  10. I remembered that they made the C&C3 Kane Edition Map Pack free as well. It's along those lines...
  11. I bought the game with the bonus mission... Typical of EA to release bonus stuff much later on in a desperate attempt to lure back or keep some players...
  12. spark

    Red Dawn for Red Alert Released

    The Advanced Guard Towers looked incompleted as well.
  13. spark

    New Tiberian Dawn Blog Posted

    Correct me if I am wrong, this mod tries to follow the original designs as close as possible right? However, the Hand of Nod doesn't really resemble the original version in the game?
  14. I played Red Alert first before I found out that C&C actually came out earlier. In the end, C&C captivated me more than RA, and I'm hooked on to C&C till now. Tiberian Sun was the first C&C game that I owned, both C&C and RA belonged to my cousin. Afterwhich, I bought the Worldwide Warfare Collection, and I remembered that I was over excited. It's been 10 years~! Happy Birthday, C&C! My life would probably be different without C&C as well.