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  1. Crusader1

    OpenRA Mammoth May Madness Release

    Hi here when I have install it Norton anitviurs says the RAexe is no safe to use, so am woulding is ok to use and theres no viurs afder all?
  2. I have all ways loved this mod keep up the good work, some time I think this is how C&C3 shoulded have been when it first came out in 2007.
  3. Yes the Forgotten Bombard tank all most looks the same has the Baneblade from Dawn of war but diffrent a bit.
  4. You too late I have all ready found it afdter I maked my first posting soI dont need your mouth.
  5. There no need to be like that is there! I thort theres a resion that I hate these forums and your it!
  6. Hi there all I need some help with a simple matter where do you install maps for TW.KW.RA3.C&C4 on windows 7 64 bit? I have looked every where but I cant fined where they go for windows 7, I know there they go for windows XP but not for windows 7 can any one help me.
  7. Crusader1

    Command & Conquer Arena Trailer

    Command & conquer 4 should have been cancelled not command & conquer Arena.
  8. I hope am not sounding too stupid when I say this, I think I will wait untill more suff have been added on one it has development more.
  9. What is man is the first day I got C&C4 worked with no issues at all the game run fine and every thin, but you save your game come off it go out some where lets say, come back start up C&C 4 load up ya save game and crash when it about start. (AW1) There no error message to say what the problem is just gose back to windows srceen. (AW) 2 Yes I tryed from the start with out using a save game or play a skirmish and see if you get better results and there same thin happends. The most funny thin is right now I can reinstall it and it will work fine untill I come to turn off my PC and load up my save game or start a new skirmish game or campaign.
  10. Still crashing very time I want to loadup my save game, and I still cant play on the game full stop, the game only works when in stalled first time afder that coming back to your game, crashes and go back to windows screen. So no that patch 1.02 didnt help at all
  11. Well I got my from Amazon so no I did not download it.
  12. Can't play on the dam thin soon has the first mission is loaded just about to start its crashes. So you can say I have not play on it yet on the day I got it which is now 3 days a go, and still not been on the first mission yet becouse it crashes there, or some times on the ingame menu. I know from a long time a go the game was crap, but I didn't know that it was not going to work full stop, what a waste of my bloody money. I only got C&C 4 becouse it was the last C&C game also for the stroy line and the campaigns, but other than that in short 100% crap. C&C 4 needed at lest one more years work on it or more, not a rush rush cheap way made game.
  13. I did say that C&C 4 will be disappointing a long time a go but every one thort I was mad, its a rush game and they just copyed suff from other game. Like the no base build bit got from Dawn of war 2 and from others, and also when I have seen ingame videos its like whaching DOW 2 and bit, also bits from Supreme Commander with the upgrades bit. I think lot of C&C fans will be very disappointed about C&C 4, to me its a one of a hell of cheap rushed game with not much gone in to it.
  14. Crusader1

    A Path Beyond Patch Released

    A bout time they sorted that suptid over range Renger, APC and the med tank, but some of the balance changers are not balanced at all. I mean its gone from Allies all ways have the advantage to the soviets having the advantage. Don't get me wrong its a big improvement for the game it self and the soviet FTs. So in a way yes its a good patch update and no at the same time if you know what I maen by that.