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  1. EdmundW

    Now Playing - Games

    Yeh, thats like in Last King of Scotland, most people die except the one white guy.
  2. EdmundW

    Smash Bros. Brawl

    You lived in Oxfordshire?? Too bad you don't anymore cos i would of egged your house on Haloween. Anyway since you left the percentage of idiocy has dramatically fallen, coincidence?
  3. EdmundW

    Most favorite C&C unit

    nope, but i like Purifiers and Redeemers with BH in them.
  4. EdmundW

    Cabal Ownage

    Use aircraft.
  5. EdmundW

    New units you wanna see

    i'm guessing you have never seen Jurassic Park then Mina?
  6. EdmundW

    Naval Warfare

    i don't understand this thread
  7. EdmundW

    The Epic, BEST faction poll!

    For Mother Prussia! lol
  8. EdmundW

    It Lives!(ra3)

    Who said they were ranged??
  9. EdmundW

    Empire of the Rising Sun

    Yeh in ra1 you could fit 5 mammoths in a single transport
  10. EdmundW

    Technology GDI VS NOD

    Nod have stealth, tib weapons, flame weapons, and laser weapons so i say Nod
  11. EdmundW

    Team Tactics

    Not a bad idea, except it would be lame if they put like 4 buzzers in your MARV without your permission lol
  12. EdmundW

    What is your favorite unit?

    i love the Purifier, best new unit imo, specially with black flames. Also the Redeemer, you can turn it into daddy-Purifier with some garrisoned black hand.
  13. EdmundW

    New MOAR info

    hey, don't get me wrong, i wasn't saying that there shouldn't be a CnC fps, on the contrary i am a big fan of Renegade online. Just that i think it's better suited to rts and that should be it's main focus (not only focus, main focus).
  14. Yeh thats what i will do, good idea. i think i may need more yellow brix though.