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  1. I got my Red Alert Aftermath game out today. I played a skirmish on it, to my great horror I realised that Soviet are so much better than Allied! On Red Alert 1, Allied had better boats, such as the crusier and the destroyer. But Soviet had better structures, infantry, tanks and air units. But then on the expansion packs (The Aftermath and Counterstrike) they gave Soviet Missile Subs which are better and cheaper than crusiers. They also gave Soviet Tesla Tanks and Tesla Troopers, and Demo Trucks. All they gave Allied was the Mechanic and the Chrono Tank which are both completely useless! I thought they would make the teams even in the expansion packs but they made the teams even more unfair. It should be patched!! Who agrees with me? P.S: I haven't played Red Alert in a long while so don't blame me if you already know all of this.
  2. Theres a YR mods called Mental Omega and it rocks and its free. Google it and check their site. Download it now!
  3. Hi! Which game do you like better? C&C Tiberian Dawn or C&C Red Alert 1
  4. Although I have C&C TD in The First Dacade form, and PS1, I thought (as I am such a big TD fan) I should purchase the original big box version of it. It arrived this morning. I have it on my computer desk right now as I am typing. The manual is really thick. Do any of you have the game in this form?
  5. I typed in 'Command and Conquer' into wikipedia and I went into the C&C 1995 section. Apparently, there are 5 secret missions in each factor. It says I need to type 'funpark' into the command line parameter. I am running my C&C TD DOS CDs on my Windows 98 computer, and I have The First Decade running on my XP computer and my Vista computer. What is the command line parameter? And how do I type 'funpark' into it? Is there a download which lets me play the secret missions?
  6. EdmundW

    Now Playing - Games

    Yeh, thats like in Last King of Scotland, most people die except the one white guy.
  7. EdmundW

    Smash Bros. Brawl

    You lived in Oxfordshire?? Too bad you don't anymore cos i would of egged your house on Haloween. Anyway since you left the percentage of idiocy has dramatically fallen, coincidence?
  8. EdmundW

    Most favorite C&C unit

    nope, but i like Purifiers and Redeemers with BH in them.
  9. EdmundW

    Cabal Ownage

    Use aircraft.
  10. EdmundW

    New units you wanna see

    i'm guessing you have never seen Jurassic Park then Mina?
  11. EdmundW

    Naval Warfare

    i don't understand this thread
  12. EdmundW

    The Epic, BEST faction poll!

    For Mother Prussia! lol
  13. EdmundW

    It Lives!(ra3)

    Who said they were ranged??
  14. EdmundW

    Empire of the Rising Sun

    Yeh in ra1 you could fit 5 mammoths in a single transport
  15. EdmundW

    Technology GDI VS NOD

    Nod have stealth, tib weapons, flame weapons, and laser weapons so i say Nod
  16. EdmundW

    Team Tactics

    Not a bad idea, except it would be lame if they put like 4 buzzers in your MARV without your permission lol
  17. EdmundW

    What is your favorite unit?

    i love the Purifier, best new unit imo, specially with black flames. Also the Redeemer, you can turn it into daddy-Purifier with some garrisoned black hand.
  18. EdmundW

    New MOAR info

    hey, don't get me wrong, i wasn't saying that there shouldn't be a CnC fps, on the contrary i am a big fan of Renegade online. Just that i think it's better suited to rts and that should be it's main focus (not only focus, main focus).
  19. Yeh thats what i will do, good idea. i think i may need more yellow brix though.
  20. EdmundW

    Most favorite C&C unit

    Lol you'd need about a million of them for me even to feel it.
  21. EdmundW

    Empire of the Rising Sun

    i prefer the dubbed ones, better than reading subtitles.
  22. EdmundW

    New units you wanna see

    i hope they do, it would be fun. Does anyone think the Japans should have dinosaurs? velociraptors instead of dogs or bears and triceratops could be used to charge into tanks
  23. EdmundW

    It Lives!(ra3)

    Hmm, i'm pretty sure you can't ride a bear, but i'm not gonna argue with you guys. btw- don't come to the UK, the weather is crap
  24. EdmundW

    Now Playing - Games

    Do you mean the hardest or second hardest?
  25. EdmundW

    Smash Bros. Brawl

    Yeh i know that, i was just wandering why it takes Nintendo so long to do that when other companies like EA and Activision release it for everyone at the same time.