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    CPU's, and helping others- Just e-mail me :P
  1. Encrtia

    Welcome to C&C Tiberian Sun Genesis!!!!

    Hello again everyone, the update has been produced XD Firstly, I must apologize for this late update, but, the Tiberian Genesis mod has been undergoing major Staff shortages. As you can imagine, it has been hard to progress, and troublesome, but with the remaining staff, we have conjured up more goodies to share, hoping to maintain interest amongst our fans and viewers. In this video, you shall be shown a taster of some Work In Progress. This would be including the linear disruptor, agile nod-buggy, Hover MLRS, mighty harvester, and GDI’s Assault Rifle in action. It shows a small glimpse of what has been produced, with nothing being the final, but still rockin’. Without further ado, to my happiness to show you, this is the long awaited video update can be viewed at either of these sites: http://www.vimeo.com/1461551 http://www.veoh.com/videos/v15479923H583deeB As for improvements, the following have now been updated: • First vehicle engine and weapons sounds composed by Hawk_Db. • Nod-buggy’s Dual Cannon has been replaced with a new Quad Cannon. • Temporary textures have been implemented for various vehicles and buildings. • Lights have been added to the various vehicles previously installed. • The driving physique has been greatly improved. • The disruptor has finally acquired a new Beam attack created by Nico. • The disruptor beam is now passable through walls, and other such objects. • The 4 tread tank physique has been stabilised, and improved thanks to MWLL. • First vehicle HUDs were implemented. • The build menu based up temporary flash scripts and is in work now by our New Flash Designer. • GDI’s soldier model has been merged with AI. • A new Gallery system will continuously be updated, so stay tuned. We hope you enjoyed reading through this update, and eagerly await the next. We shall post yet another update, as soon as possible. If, however, anyone has the ability to aid us in this mod, please, do not hesitate, and come forth. For further information on how to apply for jobs, read more here. Thank you for reading, From us to you, Tiberian Genesis Staff.
  2. Encrtia

    How to connect Tiberian Sun?

    Ah, but this is for Vista, in Vista, it's different, it's not all there is it?
  3. Encrtia

    The First Decade 'string error'

    Yeah....I thought it was old, so I was leaving it like that not to make a fool outta myself.......but fair point. To get them working, all ya need to do is, for Tiberian Sun, you need to install this patch http://www.ea.com/official/cc/firstdecade/...sp?src=Patch102 and then it should work perfectly. And for Red Alert 2, all ya need to do is go to it's installed dictionary, which for "The First Decade", would be generally: C/Program Files/EA Games/Command & Conquer The First Decade/Command & Conquer Red Alert II/RA2 - Then right click the "Ra2" or maybe "game" (Try Ra2 first, then if it doesn't work, game) and click, "Run as Administrator", and there ya are. 2 working games, on the forum for ALL to see, lol. With regards, Encrtia.
  4. Encrtia

    How to connect Tiberian Sun?

    As you can imagine, it has something to do with "IPX Protocol". I've searched the whole web for a solution, and that was it- - - - -for windows xp. Which sucks. For Windows Vista, it doesn't have this access anymore... However, someone on another forums has stated: "windows Vista does not contain IPS/SPX anymore, you need XP or lower to gain those protocols. if your good with computers do this http://www.starbase01.com/site/index.php?aid=87 " Which is great for those who are "good with computers"... However, I've showed you the door, and you have to walk through it..........because I don't even know how to walk through the bloody door. Please, if someone can decipher this, "Door" shizzle, please state it here, as I've stated here what to do. With regards, Encrtia.
  5. Encrtia

    The First Decade 'string error'

    Listen, if you've still got those problems with Tiberian Sun, and Red Alert 2, e-mail me at "[email protected]" and I can tell you what to do. If you got it figured out by now, just send an e-mail stating it. Best wishes, Encrtia. (That also regards to all else who need help on this matter)