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Sen†ry ²°°³

Welcome to C&C Tiberian Sun Genesis!!!!

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Hi at all!! 8)


at first, sorry for my poor english, im from swiss. I will give my best at it :oops:


Maybe you guys know Armed Assault? its a new game, but it is not released yet, maybe you guys heard about it.

Here some shots about Armed Assault:








And here the official webpage of armed assault




It is an update of Operation Flashpoint, and our mod is/was for Operation Flashpoint and we will do it now for Armed Assault. At the moment we are just waiting for the release date for this game. But i would like to say to you that a Tiberian Sun mod will be in this game :rockin: and this mod will rock for sure! at our homepage you can find some videos, one is the walk animation of the GDI Juggernaut and one is the Build menu from C&C what really works in our mod, you can build your own base(s) and units, and you can use those units, and defense buildings. But that video is really old, and has got a status of ALPHA :mrgreen:


Maybe you will not be interested at it, or maybe you will be.



Ok, now about my Modification!


Our modification is called C&C Tiberian Sun Genesis, we want to get you the feeling to fight with NOD or with GDI in 3d, that you can see how big, how funny, and just how GREAT Tiberian Sun is/was!! You will be able to build your own base(s) on islands like 400m²!!! You will be able to see the Tiberium in 3d, and for sure if you walk trough the tiberium you will die as a normal GDI or NOD soldier :mrgreen:


Atm how i have said we are waiting for the release date and we cant do much more as only modeling some units and buildings. So here we go, some shots for you!

harvester1_small.jpg mcv1_small.jpg


disruptor1_small.jpg wolverine1_small.jpg


juggernaut1_small.jpg juggernaut2_small.jpg




We are searching a community, so please help us to create a community :oops: , if you have got some interests at this modification, so please register in our forums and post your questions and ideas!

Here is our homepage:


Forum is new/./



Thx you all, for reading this topic!


Sen†ry ²°°³

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Eh, a modding community at the beginning? Sure, why not! I'll join.


Very nice work by the way. ;)

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Hi and sorry for the big delay of news.


We moved to a new Game Engine (CryEngine2) and were very busy since then.

The whole project was about to die in the ArmA times so we had to move.


I will just refresh this thread with a new introduction about our plans and a big membersearch.


Tiberian Genesis intends to bring the action of the Command and Conquer trilogy to Crysis. Players will be provided an opportunity to play a Command and Conquer game the way it was meant to be played. You will be able to control all combat mechs and defense buildings according to your own taste, as well as command several powerful mechs, like the GDI Mammoth Mk. II.






Here are the features that are planned to appear in our mod. Keep in mind that this is a tentative list, and is subject to change.


* Balance of power between the two opposing forces - the Brotherhood of NOD and the Global Defense Initiative

* You will be able to play on either side.

* Battle on islands, inside caves full of Tiberium, which will become one of your primary resources, and much more

* Infiltrate enemy bases, or build your own base

* High priority is also placed upon the civilization and mutated vegetationsystem, for a impressive look and a good feeling of the dangerous tiberium infestation process

* Lots of new weapons

* Customized audio


Disruptor_s.jpg gdi_barracks_s.jpg



Plans for process of release:


The addons will be released step by step: At the beginning we will release the first tech level of Command & Conquer™: Tiberian Sun™, then the second and so on up to tech level 10 including the Firestorm™ units. After we have finished the complete project, you can expect a release of the full modification, containing all tech levels, miscellaneous objects, mutants and islands.


We even got a Video of our last progress but the most of the models and stuff showed off there is WIP and needs to be remodeled/repaired because of export problems.


Crysismod.de has also written an Interview about our mod and therefore showed it to the community.


we got a large amount of content in our hands which we really want to share with the community but we need more modders such as modelers, animators, texturers etc. to finish our stuff.





Team Requests

Team is currently looking for: Designer

We are looking for talented Flash-designers.


Your task would be to create the GUI menus and the design of the buildmenu.


If you are experienced in:


- Flash-design

- advanced Flash-actionscript

- CE2 UI handling/scripting



Team is currently looking for: Scripter

We are looking for scripters who are experienced in porting assets into cryengine2.


A lot of vehicles, characters, buildings etc. have to be ported to the game and we got not enough hands to do so.


When you got experience in LUA and XML configuration of assets you´re welcome too.




Team is currently looking for: Designer

We are looking for some very creative Level Designers.


You must be able to design:


- futuristic environments

- post apocalyptic setting

- Tiberian universe style

- mutated vegetation etc.

- civilian infrastructure streets, buildings, etc.

- voxel caves



Team is currently looking for: Coder

We need more coders who are experienced in:


- C/++



- Flash-Actionscript.


You must be ready to do something totally new and challenging.

We want to implement the whole RTS system of Tiberian-Sun/Firestorm into the Crysis engine, so be ready to code some nasty stuff ^^.


PS: we are using a professional SVN/Trac projectmanagement webenvironment.




Team is currently looking for: Animator

We are currently searching members who have knowledge about animator programs to animate the finished models.




Team is currently looking for: Modeler/Texturer



We are searching for members who are skilled in 3D modelling.

Currently we got a lot of models ready but since we are modding for crysis now, we need to add more details and have to optimize them for use in next gen engines.


You should have:


- knowledge in 3Ds max, Maya or Blender

- knowledge about modelling highpoly stuff with clean meshes.

- knowledge about UV/Bump/Normal/Specular mapping

- knowledge about the export process of cryengine2 assets

- interest in futuristic stuff about C&C Tiberian Sun

- some time ^^






We are searching for members who are skilled in 2D arts too.


If you are:


- very creative

- able to work with Photoshop, Photoimpact or Gimp

- good in texturing UV maps

- interested in futuristic stuff about C&C Tiberian Sun

- able to spare some time...




If you are interested to work in an experienced modification with almost unlimited possibilities through the CryEngine2.

Then apply HERE


BTW we currently have no PR Manager so don´t wonder why we have forgotten this thread.

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Hello again everyone, the update has been produced XD


Firstly, I must apologize for this late update, but, the Tiberian Genesis mod has been undergoing major Staff shortages. As you can imagine, it has been hard to progress, and troublesome, but with the remaining staff, we have conjured up more goodies to share, hoping to maintain interest amongst our fans and viewers.


In this video, you shall be shown a taster of some Work In Progress. This would be including the linear disruptor, agile nod-buggy, Hover MLRS, mighty harvester, and GDI’s Assault Rifle in action. It shows a small glimpse of what has been produced, with nothing being the final, but still rockin’. Without further ado, to my happiness to show you, this is the long awaited video update can be viewed at either of these sites:





As for improvements, the following have now been updated:



• First vehicle engine and weapons sounds composed by Hawk_Db.

• Nod-buggy’s Dual Cannon has been replaced with a new Quad Cannon.

• Temporary textures have been implemented for various vehicles and buildings.

• Lights have been added to the various vehicles previously installed.

• The driving physique has been greatly improved.

• The disruptor has finally acquired a new Beam attack created by Nico.

• The disruptor beam is now passable through walls, and other such objects.

• The 4 tread tank physique has been stabilised, and improved thanks to MWLL.

• First vehicle HUDs were implemented.

• The build menu based up temporary flash scripts and is in work now by our New Flash Designer.

• GDI’s soldier model has been merged with AI.

• A new Gallery system will continuously be updated, so stay tuned.


We hope you enjoyed reading through this update, and eagerly await the next. We shall post yet another update, as soon as possible. If, however, anyone has the ability to aid us in this mod, please, do not hesitate, and come forth. For further information on how to apply for jobs, read more here.


Thank you for reading,

From us to you,

Tiberian Genesis Staff.

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