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    Project Update: 5th April 2011

    Hello guys! Is the work on patch still being made? I hope the project's not abandoned
  2. I'd like to add some new soundtracks to Red Alert, but afaik it can be done only by hacking the EXE file and editing counquer.eng string table. Any tips on modifying the EXE? Is edtitng some values with hex editor enough?
  3. Roadkill

    multiple tank build

    This is the case for Vanilla Red Alert and Counterstrike addon. Aftermath addon as well as 3.03 patch disables all the benefits of the multi-factories.
  4. What is the point of westwood EXE launchers? Many westwood games have these. For example DOS Red Alert has RA.EXE which is not the game executable itself, but launches GAME. DAT which is the real exe for DOS Red Alert. Windows version had normal RA95.EXE file till the 3.03 patch which hid the real exe into RA95.DAT while making RA95.EXE a launcher which launches the DAT file. What are these launchers for? What is the difference between running the game from launcher and renaming the DAT file and running it directly?
  5. Roadkill

    DOS-only Red Alert? O_O

    So it might be some rare release....
  6. Roadkill

    DOS-only Red Alert? O_O

    Fixed links. Also the same site has boxart for the standard Win/DOS release which has requirements for both versions listed and "Windows 95 & DOS" written on the front cover, unlike the aforementioned weird version which says "DOS CD-ROM" on the front cover and doesn't list Win 95 requirements.
  7. I hope somebody here knows what is this: http://www.mobygames.com/game/dos/command-...ameCoverId,708/ http://www.mobygames.com/game/dos/command-...ameCoverId,709/ Front cover clearly states "DOS CD-ROM" while back cover has only DOS-version system requirements written. AFAIK there was NO DOS-only version of RA1. What gives?
  8. Thanks, tried this one too. But still no use. I guess my problem doesn't lie in the performance since the game runs fine and smooth even with the heavy action going.
  9. Actually I've got Worldwide Warfare and plan to get both addons' original big boxes. My question is just a curiosity They released Firestorm as freeware, maybe we could ask someone from EA directly about other addons?
  10. Well, speaking of C&C and RA1, DOS versions don't have any extra stuff compared to Win versions, but I played DOS versions first back then and somehow I love these zoomed-in graphics. And yeah, DOS DOOM is >>> any windows port There was really something special about DOS gaming back then. I take Dune 2 over Dune 2000 or Emperor any day
  11. At least I'm glad I'm not the only one who likes DOS versions of C&C and RA1
  12. My PC is roughly same performance wise (Athlon 64 + 2048 ram) and DOSBox config is same too. Could you please post your redalert.ini soundcard config?