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  1. TheGunrun

    Red3TV Episode 2 is Out!

    Hey, thanks guys. Really appreciate the nice words. Red3TV is still a work in progress and we're always reading up on the community trying to make it better. Episode 2 is the first episode I was completely on board for Hey, any chance of having this news posted?
  2. TheGunrun

    Red3TV Episode 2 is Out!

    http://www.gamereplays.org/redalert3/porta...ed3tv-episode-2 For those of you who don't know what Red3TV is, Red3TV is a monthly broadcast from Gamereplays.org that features weekly updates on the running King of the Hill Tournament as well as breaking community news. The monthly broadcast each month will feature: * Red Alert 3 Community & eSports News * Interviews with Developers, Top players and Community Leaders! * Video Tips of the Week * The first match in each round of the Gamereplays.org Red3TV King of the Hill tournament Thanks for your time guys; please enjoy.
  3. TheGunrun

    CNC-Live: Episode 5 This Weekend

    You guys are going to like Friday's show then I agree with you guys and with this weeks show we will be utilizing a new format, I'm sure you will all enjoy it. BTW I would love to upload the show to itunes, it's just I haven't found a place that would host the mp3s the way itunes wants them to be hosted. Also yeah, the recordings of all future shows will be released in stereo.
  4. TheGunrun

    CNC-Live: Episode 5 This Weekend

    You're also confused about your reasoning for the hiatus. Retarded Defense: Ravana the only map I've made for RA3, wasn't the reason for the hiatus. PurpleScrin, stop acting like a troll and making claims on behalf of my projects without any reason other than your misguided assumptions. You are posting these statements about CNC-Live as if they were fact, and that is not your right to do.
  5. TheGunrun

    CNC-Live: Episode 5 This Weekend

    Okay let me get some things straight. This isn't the last show in any way, this is the beginning of a whole new season of CNC-Live shows. Episode Five will bring to the table a whole new format to ensure maximum quality and participation. Episode 5 never happened, I did schedule one for New Year's Day but I had to cancel for private reasons. And no, Sonic has never been on the show, but it would be nice If anyone has any questions about the show at all feel free to shoot me an email at [email protected] or skype me.
  6. TheGunrun

    CNC-Live Debuts on Saturday

    Don't worry, all episode are recorded and can be watched streaming from the stickam site when it isn't live.
  7. If you need stuff to talk about here are some Ideas I came up with for red alert 3/future C&C titles.
  8. Hey guys, I'm TheGunrun. I would so love to be apart of the roundtable discussion. I am the creator of the "Retarded" mod series and a dedicated C&C fan. I have played every command and conquer and I have am the producer of Epileptic Aftermath, a weekly video game podcast which covers all video game news in general. I am one of the most well rounded gamers you have ever seen. I am no biased and I just love the heck out of the community. And don't worry, I'm no yes-man; EA isn't perfect if you ask me Skype:TheGunrun Websites: http://thegunrun.freehostia.com/ http://tinyurl.com/eafter Mods: C&C Retarded http://commandandconquer.filefront.com/fil...ed_Triple;89630 Zero Hour Retarded http://commandandconquer.filefront.com/file/;61106 Promo Video lol: