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  1. Australian (and New Zealand?) Collector's Edition of C&C. Very rare, even more rare then the Commemorative Edition. Finally we have a good picture of it, I've only see a 64x64px picture before
  2. Check ddraw.ini do note that you have some exe specific overrides at the bottom of the ini file.
  3. The version of cnc-ddraw included with the updated config tool allows you to use glsl shaders. The download even includes a few, of which are CRT shaders. It includes a DX9 renderer as well.
  4. Tore

    Crash research

    @Nyerguds This seems like a different issue. That is the GDI commando mission, the map is larger than that.
  5. Gentool works with most mods: https://www.gentool.net
  6. https://downloads.cnc-comm.com/?dir=generic/uaddons More stuff
  7. Added some extra sizes for phones and such
  8. Resolutions 1080p 1440p UHD 4K 4k UItrawide Phone 1440p (9:16) Resolutions 1080p 1440p UHD 4K 4k UItrawide Phone 1440p (9:16)
  9. Do you get any error message?
  10. Command & Conquer Sole Survivor Online: now with MOBA Battle Royale!
  11. Yay a JavaScript app that kinda looks like Win95. Using several hundred megabyes of RAM.
  12. In TS all cyborgs loose their legs if damaged enough (around middle of red health?) this causes them to move slower as they crawl forward. Healing them by walking on tiberium or by other means do not restore their legs or speed.
  13. I've been using Vivaldi for 2 years or so. I like it, one of the original founders of the Opera browser is working on it too.
  14. The only way currently to stretch TS, RA2 etc right now is through options on your graphics card/monitor. As far I can see VMware does not support such stretching. This is why TS has black borders around it if you run it in a res lower than your VM's resolution. The only reason why this works in C&C1 and RA1 is because of cnc-ddraw which can stretch the game to the res it is provided. You can however install TS on your host OS and enable stretching on your graphics card or monitor and all full screen applications will automatically stretch.
  15. For that to work your VM software must support stretching.