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  1. All the games I listed as having CD quality audio are red book audio.
  2. If you really want to extract the music from the games themselves there is XCC Mixer. For music CD's or CD's with CD audio there is Exact Audio Copy. What I was trying to say in the first post is to start with the OST CD's and then piece together the complete soundtrack from game CD's with has CD quality audio and then the rest of the missing tracks are on Frank's site. Game discs with CD quality audio are: - C&C: The Covert Operations - Saturn version of C&C (GDI and Nod discs have different tracks on them) - RA: Counterstrike - RA: Aftermath (CS music in better quality) - C&C: Sole Survivor
  3. A CD quality version of great shot exists on the Saturn version. Did you read my first post on this thread?
  4. The non-vocal versions of C&C1 tracks are only ingame on the PC version. No CD quality or stereo versions of those exist.
  5. Extracting the audio from the games leaves you with mono files at low bitrates. You mean the special blue version of the RA1 soundtrack, not C&C1. The way to get the best quality versions of the soundtracks is to acquire the OST CD's. As the OST CD's miss some tracks and the expansion music you must also acquire some game discs. - The Saturn version of C&C has some missing tracks in CD quality, - The Covert Operations has tracks in CD quality, - The Aftermath has some tracks from Counterstrike in CD quality (CS has those too, but a track has some issues). As for tracks from FS, YR, AM and other missing tracks you can acquire those in stereo mp3 format from Franks site if you are clever. Edit: forgot Sole Survivor which has tracks in CD quality on the disc If I remember correctly RA: Retaliation might have some unique tracks too.
  6. That's weird. I just tested it in DOSBox and it gives me a choice between GDI and Nod.
  7. Let's Encrypt is a wonderful thing.
  8. Site Updates - A CNCNZ to-do list

    I'd suggest giving the site a SSL certificate.
  9. CNCNZ.com Will Prevail

    If anything similar shows up in the future CnCNet and C&C Comm will be ready to assist!
  10. I have sent you a PM Sonic. It doesn't have to end here.
  11. Yup that's one of the issues with the video. Footage in the wrong aspect ratio and showing Dawn of War 1 when saying Dawn of War 2. I would have mentioned that modding RA1 was fairly easy too. Many people remember messing around in rules.ini changing the stats and weapons of units. Though more proper modding with the ability to add new units to the unit list and such wasn't possible until TS.
  12. Post Your C&C Collections

    heh, I think I was bidding on the LE edition, but when I was told it contained nothing different to the usual Win95 GDI disc I stopped bidding.