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  1. Yeah, DOSBox can play any game that supports IPX multiplayer over the Internet. It uses commands similar to the ones in my first post in this thread ("ipx=true", "IPXNET STARTSERVER 213", "IPXNET CONNECT 213", etc...). I've never tried it before, but supposedly a lot of folks have played various DOS games multiplayer on the Internet like that. Note that you need a fairly fast broadband connection, as the DOSBox IPX emulation sends a lot more data than the native DOS IPX.
  2. I've never tried it before. But, in theory, it should work just fine.
  3. Rich Nagel

    6-mission DOS C&C demo

    Yep yep, I remember that site and guide
  4. I would be surprised if Nyerguds hasn't; but I myself have not. There was a while that I was including the hex offset info in the C&CHOE readme for both versions 1.20 and 1.22, but it became a chore figuring out the offsets for the older version 1.20... so currently I only include the offsets for version 1.22. I never did research anything for the older versions (pre v1.20) though.
  5. I'm not really sure what other little buglets might be in the DOS version, but Nyerguds has created a ton of fixes for the W9x version... some which may be able to be incorporated into the DOS version. I dunno though... all of the stuff that my utility hacks are nothing but simple hex edits to the EXE; all of which I might add, were discovered and explained by Nyerguds
  6. ahhhh.... John Williams. In other words, I'd prolly like it
  7. My 2 cents: I've extensively played the original C&C/Covert Ops/RA/CS/AM, and my BIGGEST gripe to the music is not enough 'power orchestra' type movie soundtrack stuff. I haven't gandered at the YouTube videos (I'm on a miserable dialup connection), but if they sound like that, they'ld get my thumbs_up Back to original C&C music: Quite honestly the ONLY songs that I even care for in those games would be "Canyon Chase", "Depth Charge", "Fight, Win, Prevail", "In The Line Of Fire", "March To Doom", "Face The Enemy 1", and "Face The Enemy 2". Anyhow, given my examples above, I think you can see my preferences/music taste for these games <grin>. BTW, an AWESOME soundtrack, the music from the old DOS game "Extreme Assault"... blockbuster movie type stuff
  8. Heh, it even makes a nice camera-type "clicky" sound effect when you take a screenie
  9. You mentioned something about the FUNPARK command line parameter in your previous post. I misunderstood, I thought that you meant you might try remapping a given debug option so that it would take effect using FUNPARK (we hadn't talked about FUNPARK before when we were discussing the "-XD" thing in that other thread). (edit) Duh! OK, I re-read your post and understand what you were saying. Sorry about that... heh, the old brain doesn't work as good as it used to <grin>.
  10. From the readme: - Minor edits to the utility's interface (I'm running out of space!). LOL! Will do Just tell me what you want me to hex-edit/hack, and I'll be more than happy to give it a whirl
  11. Just a little update of my Command and Conquer DOS Version 1.22p Hidden Options Enabler: Readme -> http://www.cmoo.com/snor/weeds/Command_and...C&C_HOE.txt Screenie -> http://www.cmoo.com/snor/weeds/Command_and...C&C_HOE.gif The ZIPola -> http://www.cmoo.com/snor/weeds/Command_and...C&C_HOE.zip (edit) Thanks for all of the investigation, info, offsets, and hex values, Nyerguds!
  12. Yeah, would have saved me a bit of stitch-n-pasting for the pics I took of my (lame) RA MP map -> http://forums.cncnz.com/index.php?showtopic=14091
  13. Just a-wondering... in RA95 is the screenshot/PCX key "K"? I haven't ran the W95 version of RA (only the DOS version), but I have ran the W95 version of the terrain/map editor and discovered that "K" saves a PCX screenie in the editor.
  14. Rich Nagel

    Funpark in RA?

    Don't go to any trouble or work with this for the DOS version, Nyerguds. Like y'all have posted about those types of options, they're mostly debug type stuff... interetsting to twiddle around with, but really not much use in general gameplay.
  15. Rich Nagel

    Funpark in RA?

    @Nyerguds, Bruised ribs be damned, I figured I try messing around with the "-XQ" parameter and hacks LOL! Unfortunately I didn't have any luck. No matter what I hex edit offset E3537 to, the only thing that "-XQ" does is disable the sound. BTW FWIW, unlike what you replied about C&C95, it completly disables all sound in the DOS version (if you try to bring up the sound and music options menu, you get the error message "No sound card installed). @CCHyper, Thanks for the detailed descriptions of those debug options