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  1. Castleman12

    New Look CNCNZ.com is Now Live

    I really like this new layout! Definitely feels a lot more spacious and fluid than before. Good job!
  2. Castleman12

    Pic of the Day

  3. Castleman12

    I want me a Renegade

    I'm thinking either a new IP (maybe a series based off of Generals like Red Alert 1 was to Tiberian Dawn?), a new Tiberium Series where you focus on the Scrin and you play as them conquering planets and whatnot; or the obvious Generals 2. Though since it's a new studio and whatnot, the best choice (to me) would seem to be a new IP; to get their name known in the series and to establish them as the new C&C, THEN sequels to previous games.
  4. Happy Birthday!

  5. Castleman12

    Anyones interested?

    I would help, but I only know how to work with the basic rules.ini file (also with TibEd) so I probably wouldn't be very helpful....at all; but it will be interesting to see where this goes. *goes back into lurking form* Oh and to contribute into the random and spontaneous (yeah kinda redundant tharz) ideas: An artillery that fires a multi-missile-like projectile (only the type of projectile is the same as the Cyborg Commando's) that is insanely effective against tanks, but is totally harmless against infantry. Or just makes the units in the area cloaked, like an experimental thingy.
  6. Castleman12

    Pic of the Day

    See if this helps: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qi...18033149AATF2Ca
  7. Castleman12


    Hello! Welcome to CNCNZ! I am a Nod waffle cyborg, and I shall give you this waffle: Welcome to CNCNZ....again =O
  8. Castleman12

    2012 - The end, is the beginning

    Actually I might be the youngest person on this forum ....Maybe >.> Because yellow is awesome.
  9. Castleman12

    Now Playing - Music

    Muse-Exogenesis Symphony (All Parts)
  10. Castleman12

    What is everyone's favorite music artist?

    At the moment: Muse, The Beatles, Protest the Hero, Iron Maiden, Rush, Apocalyptia, and some others I can't think of right now XD
  11. Castleman12

    10000 Posts!

    Congrats XD; Im getting REALLY close to getting 10K posts. Just....a few...more *gives lying cake to everyone, and makes note: HUGE WINCESS*
  12. Anyone notice the what looks to be a red tiberium crystal at 5:03?
  13. Castleman12

    Now Playing - Games

    Mass Effect 2 now :3 Freakin awesome.
  14. I've played a few Playfish games, they're pretty addicting XD. It'll be interesting, if they do C&C, to see how they make it. Though, I'm also thinking it could be a Medal of Honor game to go with the new game on consoles, but thats just a guess.
  15. Castleman12

    The Obelisk of Light Unit Profile

    Sweet! Gotta love the Classic Obelisk, the damaging multiple enemies and charging other Obelisks reminds me of the Spectrum/Prism Tower =O