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  1. I'm having problems finding the "UTNK ; Prototype flame-tank" in the TS art.ini files. For good measure, i checked the artfs.ini files as well. How would I go about referencing the original RA1 arts? More art = better and more balanced units for all sides : ]
  2. Cool. Added more units to my mod. How would I go about making a Hovering, Teleport/Chrono-move unit? What do I set the locomotor to? Speed type? Been reading some ModEnc, but I'm a little lost here.
  3. Ghoststalker. Cyborg & Cyborg Commando. I find I love the NukeBall animation, but how do I get it to chain into the full nuke animation once NukeBall is done?
  4. Superglue? Multiple fake tiberian crystals? Hmm... what infantry sprite that isn't heavily used would be suitable for a Ghost? Nod Cyborg? CyCommando? Or I should stop dicking around and learn how to import their arts from TS?
  5. It is now March 30th, and I SEE NO NEW Cartoon & Conquer! LIES! Will try out the OS SHP builder. I meant unused infantry images, just like the leftover TS/C&C1/RA1 vehicles.... Another inane question- could it be possible to create a gap generator effect on a vehicle? Without deploying it into a structure, I should clarify.
  6. ITS ALIVE!!! IT ALL WORKS! THANK YOU! DELICIOUS MODIFICATION! And I'm amazed, even after setting pertubation to 0, my current ultramodern quad graphics card rig slows down *slightly* when many railguns are in play... Quick question- any unused infantry art in the files I can use? Also, can you point me to a cameo editing guide? Been looking at Deezire but its quite confusing...
  7. Cool. Thanks. I need a list of all files left over that I can add and reference. Perhaps the reference errors are because I'm using the First Decade? It seems possible, as I played the mod maps many years back under a original YR box edition.... TFD might have sanitized the Art file.
  8. Crashes as soon as unit finishes being built. Came here to re-examine the arguement between you and Nmeth about referencing the image file... I clearly remember playing Vanilla YR, then a mod map with Mammoths and Mammoth M2 envoxeled objects... So I opened up ART.MD in notepad and manually went over every line... no HMEC or 4TNK... How does one reference the image anyways?
  9. NewAgeOfPower

    Cartoon and Conquer #24

    Whats the update schedule on this anyways?
  10. Okay. Crashes whenever I build EITHER of my new units, using 4TANK and HMEC as new images. How do I upload the TibEd file?
  11. Refound this topic. Going to shut up and reread and test more before wasting anyone elses time. Thanks.
  12. NewAgeOfPower

    Red Alert 2/YR Railgun Modding

    I was envisioning some sort of warhead being carried by a railgun shell which would penetrate multiple opponents/armor before detonating. When velocity of projectile exceeds 3.3 kilometers/second the railgun shell's kinetic energy would be greater than that of a equivalent mass in TNT, but there are higher explosives, non-chemical explosive devices, and antimatter. P.S. Thanks for the quick reply!
  13. I wanted to make a YR mod, so I've been plumbing the internals of TibEd, and I've created some entries, new weapons, warheads, and projectiles... Ideally, I'd like the railgun particle effect (doing damage as it passes through) and then doing a buttload more damage once it strikes the target, and the warhead should explode in a glorious fashion (I think KSTLEXP animation is quite sick, for the Elite unit) I need a step by step walkthrough or something. This is what I have so far [WEAP001] AmbientDamage=200 Burst=2 IsRailgun=true Damage=200 Range=16 Report=MirageTankAttack ROF=20 Warhead=WAR001 Speed=100 ; Clone of WEAP001 Projectile=PROJ001 [WEAP002] AmbientDamage=200 Burst=4 IsRailgun=true Damage=200 Range=16 Report=MirageTankAttack ROF=20 Warhead=RailshotMk2 Speed=100 ; Clone of InvisibleHigh Projectile=PROJ001 CONTINUED ON NEXT POST [PROJ001] PlaySide01=no PlaySide00=no   ; Clone of SerialDefaults ; Clone of InvisibleHigh AA=yes AS=yes Image=MEDUSA SubjectToElevation=yes ; Invisible All Purpose ; Clone of RailShot [WAR001] ;Spread=1 ;Verses=200%,175%,160%,100%,25% Verses=100%,100%,100%,100%,100%,100%,100%,100%,100%,100%,100% Rocker=yes ProneDamage=100% InfDeath=2 ; Ghost's Railgun AnimList=XGRYSML1 CellSpread=1 Wall=yes Wood=yes [RailshotMk2] ;Spread=1 ;Verses=200%,175%,160%,100%,25% Verses=100%,100%,100%,100%,100%,100%,100%,100%,100%,100%,100% Rocker=yes ProneDamage=100% InfDeath=2 ; Ghost's Railgun Wall=yes WallAbsoluteDestroyer=yes CellSpread=2 AnimList=KTSTLEXP Wood=yes Some minor quibbles- I cloned this from Railshot, which ISN'T tagged ghosts railgun... Also, despite me clicking save every 5 seconds, TibEd decided not to save work and lost 5 hours of work (Q_Q) randomly after lagging a bunch. It seems to have saved for now though.
  14. NewAgeOfPower

    TibEd 2.1: test it now

    Works well as far as I can tell.
  15. Wait what what? Can you add art into a map? If not, how did i see maps with the HMEC graphics? I feel confused