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  1. What about: Command and Conquer - The Gamer's Game or shorter: C&C - The Gamer's Game
  2. Almost completed and very close to release. This map design is based on Drummin's AOD map Dark Fortress for Generals ZH although I have changed the setting quite a lot. The fortress has been built in the area of an old and extinct volcanic eruption, which happened to appear above the surface of the sea. The action scene is set at night. The Keep, in the centre of the map, is occupied by 2 co-operative players, whose task is to defend the position as best they can. Although the Keep looks a little cramped, there is ample building space on there to maintain a decent defence. Basic power requirements and static defences are granted to the 2 defending players at the beginning of the game, but you will need to maintain and defend those power installations, otherwise your defences are down and you are open to attack. In addition to Ore Nodes on the centre, there are Oil Derricks which will supplement funding. The outer fortress has a symmetry and is occupied by the other 4 players, who have to destroy the central installation by working together as a team. Each outer position also has basic power requirements granted and some strategic defences, but the only income is from Ore Nodes only. The outer positions are built with a Naval Yard, situated in the specially protected areas next to the base. Superweapons are disabled, so you will need skill and strategy to create your forces and plan your attacks, whichever stance you choose. The map is quite a large map and with all 6 players up during testing, the game was a little slow, but map transfer over the LAN was very quick. The shots below give a basic idea of the map layout, but some small changes have been done since these images were made. MiniMap Map Overview Central Keep Outer Fortress Player Position Bridge Connection Point
  3. Thats a pretty good transition into RA3 Mr X! Haven't played the map yet tho - just had a peek in WB. The main thing that struck me is the grass blending that you used. Using Yucatan_02 as a base texture lends itself to a closer set of textures that gives a much better overall look. In this shot below, I cleared a small area and used textures Yucatan_05, 08 and 09 to show you what I mean: I know you wanted to get as close as poss to the original, but personally, I would explore using some of the great features RA3 WB has, that just weren't available before - like Cliff Objects. I know it takes forever to place them correctly, but if done right, it makes a big difference. A great job though - well done. Just my thoughts...
  4. Cool I'll have a little look.
  5. I don't think there is anything "off the peg" in RA3 that is the same - and I guess it's no small task to "mod" a replica, so here's a few that you can use as poor substitues - found under Civilian -> STRUCTURE: HTH
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    Yep. Great news! Good work Sonic & ty for the update.
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    G'luck for a speedy recovery Sonic
  8. This may help with your problem: Announcement by Apoc
  9. Thank you Sonic. Redux is just an adjective for: re-visited, brought back, restored. I guess it lets folks know that its been done before, kind of at-a-glance. But I see what you're saying... so many mappers are trying to update original good ideas. Maybe if I decide to do another revival I'll try to be a bit more imaginitive. How does "Riverside Rumble Reconstruction" sound. Hmmm perhaps not. "Riverside Rumble Reborn" - now that sounds better. :lol:
  10. Tried to get as close as I could to the TW map, but it's pretty good. MiniMap Map Shot 1 Map Shot 2 Being tested atm - watch the latest news thread
  11. Well done Purplescrin :lol: Everything a player needs for RA3.. the one-stop-map pack. And a lot of time & patience putting it all together.
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    Thanks Purplescrin Managed to do a little more today.. tidied up a bit...etc: :lol: Another day or so should do it
  13. I have heard of this happening before with maps that have been scripted, but not with a standard skirmish map. It may also be true that highly detailed large maps will cause some lag during multi-play. One side effect of the map transfer system can cause some texturing problems too, but I think the solution to this is to restart the game.
  14. Thats quite right. Players need to download the maps to their own machines individually atm. I think EA are working very hard on the Map Transfer bug and a solution should be forthcoming.