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  1. The untouched C&C 1 DOS version is now available as Browser game http://www.divinity....bz/cncoriginal/ requires Java 1.6+ music will be added in next version.... (Mp3 Player, like in C&C RETRO ONLINE) GDI + NOD Campaign & Covert Operation original English version 1.22P
  2. Ups, did i wrote the last post?? sry. anyway there is a new release of CNC Retro Online -------------------------------------------------- Command & Conquer Retro Online 09 -------------------------------------------------- UPDATE 09: SAVEGAMES now working very fast loading of the game C&C Retro must only be downloaded once (~13,5MB). When you visit the Web-Page again the game will start immediately. Multiplayer tutorial video newest jDosbox (SVN) new Web-Site http://www.divinity.x10.bz/cnconline/ edit: version 09.1 (fixes Ubuntu and maybe other Platforms with Java)
  3. Maybe i use the original "New Missions" for next release. Yeah, another messed up release. New Missions and Music, Multiplayer, everything Online and on many Platforms.
  4. Yes, for now it is not possible to SAVE the Game for the next session. (but SAVE/LOAD works for the same session) You can play the "Retro Missions" which have a duration of 5 Minutes up to 1 Hour. Sound is already fixed.
  5. Hi, i made an Installer for CNC1 Tiberian Dawn. (DOS VERSION) http://cncretro.115.at/ It runs with a preconfigured DosBox. Now there is a version of DosBox called jDosbox which makes it possible to run CNC RETRO in your Browser. http://divinity.x10.bz/cnconline/ requires Java 1.4+ and Flash for Music BETA 01 VIDEO: current release 03 features: + can be played Singleplayer & Online with Multiplayer (Client-Server) + once downloaded the Java applet & CNC Retro Data it is not necessery to download them again. (except when i update CNC Retro Online) + 9 Singleplayer "Retro Missions" + lots of new Multiplayer Maps - Takes some time to load - You cannot save the Progress for NEXT Session - don't begin a Campaign SAVEGAME DATA will be lost! - Sound Problem (crackles very often) FIXED in release 04 EDIT: Sound is Fixed In Theory it should work on EVERY Platform which supports Java. This is early Beta.
  6. Ultimate C&C is a collection of the best Patches and Missions for the C&C Gold SVGA version. Release 1.01 Features: Runs under WINDOWS XP and WINDOWS VISTA New GDI Campaign (tested) New NOD Campaign (not tested, but should work) 12 NEW MISSIONS (tested) 35 new Multiplayer Maps + Original Multiplayer Maps No Cheating (removed Sandbag Wall and other Walls from the Game) 1024x768 Resolution LAN Patch (uses UDP protocol instead of IPX) Multiplayer up to 6 Players General Bug Fixes Plays hidden music Video about Ultimate C&C http://www.ultimatecnc.v3host.be/ hf, DiViNiTY