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  1. One last thing: the map never actually started between the two computers. As usual, they "lost connection" to each other just as the maps started loading.
  2. Kronos

    Weird Wolverine bug

    Okay, I figured it out. I think i set the veteran speed bonus too high, making them move too fast.
  3. Yes, except thet the extra sides were removed long before i recieved the .tib file. Also, when i play the mod when saved to the game, the extra sides dont appear.
  4. Kronos

    Weird Wolverine bug

    lol yes im sure... but just in case i should check if i changed the speed.
  5. A strange bug has appeared in Tiberian Sun when i'm using tibed 1 (v 1.7). For some reason, Wolverines will occasionally get stuck inside a cell in any map and become unresponsive. When they're stuck, they start pacing back and forth, even though at this point i hadn't modified the AI at all. BTW: this only happens with player-controlled units, and this bug appeared when i changed the cost of the vehicle to 250. What the heck is going on???
  6. Good advice, but one problem: the mod was originally made for the game itself, not the map. I recieved the mod file from my friend and put the mod onto the map myself. The mod i put onto the map was the first on it, and the "country stastistics" tab under rules.ini didn't have the extra "sides" before or after...
  7. I am completely confused. I was tryying to figure out how to get my mod to work with multiplayer. I looked in the pre-existing topic on this, and i thought i solved the problem... but i just got new ones. I was going to play my friend's mod with him (it was saved to a map). Something very strange now happens. We couldn't play the map, which was frustrating. but, when i quit, i notice something weird. when i go into skirmish, there are two extras within the "side" selection. Me and my friend chatted a bit, and we noticed that the extra "sides" where from an old version of the mod. I opened the mod with Tibed 1.7 and looked in countrry stastistics... THE EXTRA SIDES WEREN'T THERE! Any idea what happened? One more thing: i tried to play my own mod saved to a map and the AI built about 25 powr plants . PLEASE HELP