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TibEd 1.7 Online Modmap Play (firestorm)

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I am completely confused. I was tryying to figure out how to get my mod to work with multiplayer. I looked in the pre-existing topic on this, and i thought i solved the problem... but i just got new ones. I was going to play my friend's mod with him (it was saved to a map). Something very strange now happens. We couldn't play the map, which was frustrating. but, when i quit, i notice something weird. when i go into skirmish, there are two extras within the "side" selection. Me and my friend chatted a bit, and we noticed that the extra "sides" where from an old version of the mod. I opened the mod with Tibed 1.7 and looked in countrry stastistics... THE EXTRA SIDES WEREN'T THERE! Any idea what happened?


One more thing: i tried to play my own mod saved to a map and the AI built about 25 powr plants :huh: .



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When you edit TibEd and save it to a map, then remove parts of the edit in TibEd and save it to the same map again, I do not believe the alterations will be removed from the map, only TibEd. You would have to manually edit the map itself to remove the changes.

Don't know about the power plants, probably some obscure code somewhere in your mod messing it up.

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Good advice, but one problem: the mod was originally made for the game itself, not the map. I recieved the mod file from my friend and put the mod onto the map myself. The mod i put onto the map was the first on it, and the "country stastistics" tab under rules.ini didn't have the extra "sides" before or after...


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TibEd isn't always the best way to go, it's just the easier way. Things like this tend to happen. Unfortunately, I doubt there is much I could advise without seeing the changes myself.

I'm also not sure I understand what happened...


Was it like this timeline?

-Mod made with extra sides for full game

-Extra sides removed from TibEd

-Mod given to friend

-Mod saved to map

-Oddity discovered, extra sides not gone

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Yes, except thet the extra sides were removed long before i recieved the .tib file. Also, when i play the mod when saved to the game, the extra sides dont appear.

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One last thing: the map never actually started between the two computers. As usual, they "lost connection" to each other just as the maps started loading.

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