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  1. Sretan rođendan, prijatelju :)

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    My Mod

    i would be interested but i haven't got ra2 for now, i just uninstalled it it got a bit boring, but to all who read this i highly recommend to give Destructo a try, it's very cool
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    My Mod

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    Video of the day

    lol hahahaha this is sweet man! :lol:
  5. TheConscriptAssassin

    Which one is the best?

  6. TheConscriptAssassin

    The Final BattleCast Primetime

    Command and Conquer 4, as much as I love C&C games, is not that good to me. Well it has some new interesting features. It's not the best but it is OK. Interesting stuff can be seen on campaign missions -----> Look at this - The Final BattleCast Primetime Posted by EA_Apoc on 15 Apr 2010 After more than 2 years running and over 25 episodes, the quintessential Command & Conquer "Sportscenter" that featured star-studded fan multiplayer matches, original features, dev team insider looks, community spotlights, Dave-Raj-APOC-Feasel-Bender-Black-Kasavin-KANE to name a few, the flagship one-of-a-kind video game show, BattleCast Primetime, is riding off in to the sunset, but not without one last GG. While we had originally hoped to have a final full-fledged episode, we decided to end the show with what it did best, showcasing amazing Command & Conquer multiplayer matches in our ever-popular segment "The 10". And this time, we've fueled "The Final 10" with some classic Generals and Zero Hour matches as well. So, Command & Conquer fans, get your popcorn ready one last time for another GG-BOOMBOOM-crazy-RAJ edition of "The Final 10". And please take a moment to read a few final thoughts below from some of the folks responsible for bringing you BattleCast Primetime.
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    CNCNZ.com Map - Where abouts in the world are you?

    cool :lol:
  8. TheConscriptAssassin

    Which one is the best?

    ¨where did you get that apocalypse would be too heavy for the ground? just wondering. but still, SOVIET RULE!
  9. TheConscriptAssassin

    Which one is the best?

    dude chill! what in the name of...? yes, apocalypse are not real i know that, many things in ra3 are not real and its fun, but the empire build system is too unreal and unpossible. Apocalypse can be build in a 10 years time while LASER BULT buildings cant!
  10. TheConscriptAssassin

    Which one is the best?

    well the soviets also have an unlimited build area, just with the construction of the Sputnik. the empire is still the worse one to me because they are too far from reality.
  11. TheConscriptAssassin

    Which one is the best?

    In Red Alert 3 which one is the best? The Soviet, the Allies or the Empire of the Rising Sun? To me it's of course the Soviets Which one is for you?
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    do you even know what your are talking about?
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    well thanks sonic! oh and by the way how can anyone be sure of anything? or nothing? what are you doing? cncnz or just beign a bot? well anyway we are all just muppets in ''gods'' play
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    omg... well anyway thanks
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    ummm...im pretty sure that im human =/ if not believe me ask craftyurimaniac