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  1. CNCNZ.com was invited earlier this week to try out a new C&C Renegade map, C&C Fjords. The map runs on Tiberian Technologies' Scripts 4.0 and is made by Aircraftkiller, an ex-Red Alert: A Path Beyond developer. We were able to ask Aircraftkiller a few questions about his latest map: Learn more about the C&C Fjords map right here.
  2. Aircraftkiller, a former Red Alert: A Path Beyond developer, has posted a new video of his latest C&C Renegade map, C&C Fjords. The map runs on Tiberian Technologies' Scripts 4.0 and features the Tiberian Dawn atmosphere and units. You can download the C&C Fjords map for Renegade from CNCNZ.com using the link below. C&C Fjords (19 MB) We also have all of the Renegade maps that have been made by Aircraftkiller over the year featured in our Renegade Multiplayer Maps section.
  3. In recent developments, the C&C Renegade mod, C&C Reborn has announced that it will be closing its forums soon. Chronojam from Bluehell Productions has invited everybody who was formerly registered on the C&C Reborn forums to register on the Bluehell Productions forums. Bluehell Productions is known for working on two projects using the W3D engine, Red Alert: A Path beyond and Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising, both standalone modifications are total conversions for Command & Conquer: Renegade. Any announcements of what will become of C&C Reborn have not yet been made. You can read the official announcement here.
  4. CNCNZ.com talks to Zunnie, the developer of the C&C Renegade mod called Tiberium Crystal War. Read the full interview here.
  5. RainXc

    Red Alert Synergy Mod Interview

    Nice interview dbjs2009
  6. The Tiberian Technologies team has made an official announcement today, saying they are releasing the public beta version of the latest update for C&C Renegade, Scripts 4.0. The project has been in the works over three and a half years. Click here to see the rest of the announcement.
  7. CNCNZ.com talks to the development team of the Tiberian Genesis mod, a Tiberian Sun total conversion mod for the CryEngine 2. Sometimes a pleasant interview leads you to talking about new ideas for a mod. The team was willing to let us get away with some exclusive images. You can see read the full interview here. See more images on the Tiberian Genesis ModDB website and their Facebook page.
  8. In anticipation of the UN Peacekeeper faction for the upcoming release, the C&C 3 mod MidEast Crisis 2 uploaded some new screen shots. You can read more about the latest MidEast Crisis 2 update right here.
  9. With the Scripts 4.0 for C&C: Renegade test event behind us, CNCNZ.com was able to ask Tiberian Technologies a few questions about the results. Click here to learn more about the Scripts 4.0 for C&C: Renegade.
  10. The Tiberian Technologies event for testing the final pre-beta Scripts 4.0 for C&C: Renegade is underway and needs players. The website, Renegadeforums.com, on which the information for map downloads are, has crashed. You can find the server's mappack on this website. This is the final pre-beta release test, so they encourage everyone to drop by for a half hour or so. Go here to see more detailed info of the "Scripts 4.0" server beta test.
  11. This one is great! I love how the mirage tanks look. Zee do you have a picture of that tank?
  12. Slye_Fox, Condition Red mod developer proudly presents his mod. The Condition Red mod will be his take on Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge on the Red Alert 3 engine. "Think of Red Alert 2 in full 3D." Read the full interview here.
  13. Tiberian Technologies invites all C&C Renegade players for the final pre-beta test of Scripts 4.0 for C&C: Renegade. The TT-team says the Scripts 4.0/TT Patch will be pushed as an official patch for the game once it's done. This is the final pre-beta release test, so they double encourage everyone to drop by for a half hour or so. Go here to see more detailed info of the "Scripts 4.0" server beta test.
  14. five stars!

  15. RainXc

    Project-X - Flak Trooper and Grizzly Tank

    No something else ,maybe not for RA3.. hmm
  16. It's been a long while since we've heard anything from the Battle for Dune mod for C&C Renegade. They are back with a new update, containing a video showing off their latest internal alpha version. You can read the full update on the Battle for Dune website , be sure to check them out on Facebook and ModDB.
  17. RainXc

    Neogrant Retires from C&C

    sad news..
  18. RainXc

    Project-X - Flak Trooper and Grizzly Tank

    Isn't there another mod, just like this one? Or am I confusing it with this ?
  19. The developers of the Tiberian Sun Rising mod for C&C 3: Tiberium Wars have posted screen shots of their freshly remade units, the Nod Recon Bike and the GDI Disruptor, as well as some battle shots. They've also stated that there are at least three graphical tweaks in the units that were shown before, and for each change that a fan finds, they'll show a new screen shot in the next two weeks. You can find more screen shots here.
  20. One Winged Angel, Apocalypse Rising mod developer mentions what is to become of his Renegade - Red Alert 2 mod. Some exclusive pictures have been released in the interview. Read the full interview here.
  21. The climactic finale of the C&C Community Bracket Game has ended up in a tie. Zero Hour had been going head to head with Yuri's Revenge, both games had each reached 217 votes. Fans have speculated that the polls might be an indication to the upcoming C&C game. This was posted on the Official C&C Forum by EA_CIRE, the C&C community manager. Be sure to check out the Official C&C Site for more announcements.
  22. I think he was being sarcastic.
  23. The Renegade X team has posted some new teaser screen shots, featuring gameplay from the Black Dawn release. Make sure you check out the full Renegade X update, there are details about a front end update for the current 0.554 release, as well as a new Dev Night coming up on July 2nd and July 3rd. You can learn more about Renegade X and download the current version from the official Renegade X website.
  24. Just recently, The Gaming Liberty.com posted an interview with Kia Huntzinger, the voice of EVA in the classic Command & Conquer games. Kia worked at Westwood Studios for 10 years. Here's a sample. You can read the full interview here.