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  1. wolfstain

    Spanish subtitles for TS cinematics

    DavDav, any news??
  2. wolfstain

    Translating FS videos to spanish

    Since the TD subtitling finish, let me start with the translation of TS, Can you help me?
  3. -.- my mistake u.u thanks for discovering the error, maybe one day I correct it.
  4. Too heavy, it takes too long to upload, so I had to split it into parts and uploaded it to a better server. http://www.mediafire.com/?385iis56su52k You have to join the parts with winrar extract the. exe and then select the game folder where the videos will be extracted.
  5. I finally finished the translation of all the videos, despite the problem with the loss of image quality, I leave all in one .rar extractable. https://docs.google.com/folder/d/0B3AlzRpbFAgBSWZGSTA2enYyWlE/edit
  6. I hope nyerguds bring a correction because I have no very coherent translation of some sentences.
  7. , Ok I will wait for it.
  8. that good, wait anxiously.
  9. wolfstain

    Translating FS videos to spanish

    I'm almost done with the subtitling of videos of Tiberian Dawn (I lack gdi9-final), when finished you'll take a hand to firestorm
  10. could help with the transcription of GDI9, GDI11, GDI13,GDI14 y GDI15?
  11. I leave here the folder where I will upload the missions that are already translated, at least that of Nod1 is ready. http://www.mediafire.com/#385iis56su52k
  12. what are you trying to do? usually leave it in key interval (frame) = 8, but making an exception for the intro video with = 6 works a little better (at least the harvest sequence is not noticed much)
  13. At the end the best way was key interval = 6. vqa: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?hgczjp4l8l6i9d5 vqp: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?nbfbb65pmae6caj
  14. wolfstain

    Translating FS videos to spanish

    Do you finished the translation?, Uploaded the videos?