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  1. haw haw random

  2. Sheepe

    The orca

    The new orca looks hideous, the concepts however, were beautiful. So sound off, what do you think? -Sheepe
  3. Sheepe

    C&C 3 Music

    Perfet mix between ambient and techno/industrial... damn good... -Sheepe
  4. Actually I only use it for the crude maps and choosing which mission I want to play (when there is multiple options) actually some of it is wrong too, so oh-well... -Sheepe
  5. This is stupid... its just a little easter egg they put into a bunch of levels (yes, its in several, 13C GDI for one)... its nothing special -Sheepe
  6. Sheepe


    One death is a tragedy, but a million deaths are a statistic - You know who. Who said that? -Sheepe
  7. Oh yeah! Definately Spore... I wonder how the creationists will react? Touting it as a support for ID/Creationism or saying it attacks ID/Craptationism? -Sheepe
  8. I'd love if that happened and I could watch the whole world start again and see what evolves... of course that might not work out too well, but whatever -Sheepe
  9. Sheepe


    Yeahhh... I really over thunk on that one -Sheepe
  10. Sheepe

    NOD/GDI/Third Side Units.

    RA2 had a story? I thought it was a comedy! -Sheepe Yeah, I never really got into it
  11. More tiberium colors are a MUST! Since they invoked science, science shall it be! -Sheepe
  12. Sheepe


    IQ has nothing to do with intelligence... well very little... it shows how much you can learn, not how smart you are. Back to the topic: I wish blue tiberium made a return... it would be neat simply because, if you think about it, the molecular structure of the entire crystal would vary from location to location, thereby leading to different properties amongst other things. On the moral issue: It would be neat, but unlikely to be implement properly, those sorts of things are difficult to implement. Also, say if you just killed a tiberium creature, then it should give you a moral boost, ex: kill a veinhole, and everyone thinks positively. This should affect everything from training time to accuracy to health. However, humans are very complex creatures and therefore modeling people accurately would be nearly impossible, even in what appears to be a system as simple as this. You have to consider that some people would become more determined to succeed, where as others would do poorly. Some might increase their effort in order to get themselves away from the tiberium, while others would scare off. It is a very complex system, and so it is very very very unlikely to be implement properly -Sheepe
  13. I'm currently playing through TD, as for mission 11: Spy In A Jam. When I played it a year it go was absolutely insane, however when I played it just recently, it was a cake walk... however, that may have been because of some bug caused the flame tank to not move... Also, settle in the area above the ridge near the turrets, its defensible, but also close to tiberium... Also, most of the missions are fairly easy (though that may be because of this giant walkthrough book (its split in half, due to age) I have on my desk) -Sheepe
  14. Sheepe

    C&C: World War 3

    heh yay! *complete rip* Basilisk Artilery? -Sheepe
  15. hmmm.... lets see.... Orca and Mammoth Own! (I have a less than healthy obsession with both... its receded though). Actually my fav unit is most likely the.... grenider. simply because they go boom! -Sheepe