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  1. Part of me is hoping they don't beautify the game too much. There should be a firm respect for what the first two games managed to do with their art style. Of course, I'd be really amazed if they manage to find the original footage to re-render cutscenes.
  2. Prisoner416

    TFD 1.04 Dev Update (12/05/2012)

    I'm not really interested in anything in a new engine. I'm more interested in the old games and getting them to work with the original code, albeit with tweaking. Same reason I prefer actual cartridges as opposed to emulation when possible. Red Alert, at least the first one, is one that simply must be preserved for humanity. I take a "If it's not broke don't fix it" look at most things. The ideal patch would be set up like the Fallout Fixt patch, where a user can tickmark to install a "purist" mode or choose what optional bits get added. I know it would be neat if we could replace the music in-game with high-quality versions since data size isn't as much of an issue anymore. ...one of these days I'll finish exploring RA3 and the newer titles. To me the early ones still are the best. They could make another in the style of Tiberian Sun or a Red Alert that wasn't camp. Still... while I technically got them all on Origin now (after calling them and telling them I owned the First Decade and a few others, I got an unlock key), I prefer to run the First Decade builds.
  3. Links to the fixes are down. I still have my local copy. Yuri's Revenge is still broken, menus and buttons are missing. It launches and goes to the main screen but I can't see anything to click on.
  4. Prisoner416

    TFD 1.04 Dev Update (12/05/2012)

    I still check this every once in a while to see if anyone updates The First Decade. I don't plan on ever buying the games from Origin or Steam. I also don't play any of the newer releases. Hopefully each one will continue to be maintained for Windows 10 if conflicts occur. I need to try reinstalling my games after a bit.
  5. Prisoner416

    Reverting censorship YR patch 1.001?

    Well, I was curious if there was a compilation patch like for the other games. I always had a hell of a time getting LaunchBase to work properly, so I was hoping there might be a simple repair program that includes the fix. I'll do some poking around, because if I recall, there was a way to apply it to first decade without launchpad.
  6. I have the First Decade version of the games, and it's the one I use most often. I have the bundle pack on cd somewhere if needed. In version 1.001, Operation: Hollywood and Vain, the voice sets of Flint Westwood, Sammy Stallion and Arnnie Frankenfurter have been changed to that of a standard GI, with their names being changed to more generic ones. Basically, I was wondering if any of the unofficial patches revert these back to the original or if anyone would be interested in making such a patch. It seems a bit odd to remove the main source of humor from those missions.
  7. XCC Mixer! That's what I used back in the day. And yes, I'm familiar with Exact Audio Copy, it's my mainstay for archiving music. So I'm assuming this is redbook audio then on the cds, for Aftermath and Covert ops. Those are the only ones missing on my end. I think a local shop had the Saturn version used... I don't trust getting the others online since I've ordered used cds before that EAC has returned errors on thanks to scuffs or scratches. Perhaps someone here that owns them can do a rip? If anyone has a guide to getting the music from Frank's page it'd be grand. Eventually, if I get a "complete" set, I hope to share with the community.
  8. I did, but you said some tracks were missing, so I wasn't sure. I don't own the Saturn version and wouldn't know how to extract the audio. Ages ago, as I mentioned, I extracted a bunch from the .mix files, but I lost the tool for that. I have an OCD issue where I try to keep things as complete as possible. Thankfully, it looks like my old extracts are still on a backup drive. They were converted to .ogg, so I might rerip them if anyone still has a tool. Looks like I'll have to, since the RA2 soundtrack isn't as complete as I thought. Going to have to rip 3 missing songs. To sum up, it looks like what I'm missing is the Saturn version music, the second remix disc of the RA soundtrack, and anything not on the soundtracks. I have the C&C1, RA1, RA2, and Sole Survivor soundtracks, and files ripped from the game, like I mentioned before. I'm looking into buying some of these things used if I have to, unless someone feels like sharing. I tried a while back to nab some stuff from Frank's page with media grabbing tools I have, but no luck. The site might have changed since then, though. You mentioned Aftermath... how are the files stored on there? I've found buying old games on Amazon is a crapshoot, my postal carriers suck and I've gotten things damaged, either via post or scuffed to start with. Sorry if I seem needy or obsessive posting so much about this. I'm just trying to make as complete a set as I can. I'm 30 and trying to recapture some old memories while I'm out and about.
  9. Guessing the same applies to Great Shot, then. It's a short tune but I'm a completest. If anyone actually owns the RA1 soundtrack, or even better the 2-disc version, would they be willing to do a Flac rip? I must have had it at some point... because now that I check my player, I only have 15 songs in my folder, and they match the cd. Looks like I might have to find the audio extractor after all, because I KNOW there was music in the game not on there, not even including the expansions. I have The First Decade edition, and the CD for RA1 somewhere, not the expansions though.
  10. Someone gave me an Exact Audio Copy flac version of the C&C soundtrack, but it must have been disc one, because it was only the originals. However, it's missing a lot of tracks I'd like in high quality, like Great Shot, some of the non-vocal mixes (which I prefer in a few cases)... I didn't know Red Alert had one though. Kinda wish I had bought it back in the day. I have a flac copy of Sole Survivor from... somewhere. You'd think that someone would have made a music pack by now.
  11. I have most of the music from C&C, but I'm trying to get my collection as complete as possible, and could use some help. C&C is REALLY hard, given that there's multiple versions of the songs (some in SFX versions, some without), and I'm trying to get them in as high quality as possible. Years ago, I had a tool to extract audio from most of the games. I could use that again, if anyone still has it. I'd like to rip everything from the game into .wav and convert it to Flac for my personal use if there's no higher quality available outside of what the game uses. Looking at my music folder of rips, it's got some that aren't in my "high bitrate" . My player has them in vbr ogg, iron fist going up to 233k. Red alert big foot goes to 214. Ra2 destroy goes to 202. But for my rip folder, tracks like great shot only go to 83 kbps mono. Were the early tracks ever released in stereo high quality? Or perhaps I just need to rerip them again, in which case does anyone still have the audio/video unpacker?
  12. Prisoner416

    Getting these to work on Windows 10?

    I'll give it a go later, someone should update the First Decade patch build. Just a couple more quick questions. I used to use a patch that fixed the typo in "missile silo" in Red Alert... think it started with an a? Have to check and see if these patches have that. Does anyone know a way to fix the censorship in Red Alert 2 that labels the trade center just as generic building? I thought I had a way around that at one point.
  13. I haven't had any luck, despite multiple installs, in getting these games to run properly under Windows 10. I'm running The First Decade versions, patched with the unofficial patch made for The First Decade. Red Alert 2 has simply a blank screen. I found a DDraw patch that sort of worked, but it caused the desktop to flicker and flash into the game rendering it almost unplayable. Yuri's Revenge is missing the menu options, but the rest of the graphics are there. I've tried the compatibility settings fix. No dice. I got everything else working including Tiberian Sun, although I had to use a different patch to make the menus work. I find it a bit hard to believe that these issues haven't been fixed by SOMEONE in the community given the detailed patches we've had for the other games. Is anyone else willing to assist me in my efforts before I try to find a cheap Windows 7 box?
  14. The files linked to for the fix are broken, please, can someone rehost them?
  15. Prisoner416

    TFD 1.04 Dev Update (12/05/2012)

    Welcome to 2016. Been a while since I checked for updates, and am just learning now of new patches like the Iran RA1 one I have to search for now. Is there an updated list of recommended patches? I mean, I trust Nyerguds patch for the first, used it for years, but I'd like to make sure I use the right RA1. Last I used was Arma and I have to redownload it and remember how to set it up.