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  1. EA_CIRE

    Official C&C Website Redesigned

    going through your bulletins: 1) Patches will come with the C&C Legacy portion of the website 2) Unfortunately, there is not much out there that has been approved by our Security team - And I rather go with vB than JForum 3) That will be a few weeks, as E3 is coming
  2. EA_CIRE

    Official C&C Website Redesigned

    In fact, we are working on a cool way to worship our past - Should be done soon. And the forums will contain all your old posts as well!
  3. EA_CIRE

    Official C&C Website Redesigned

    It is a little bit more complex than that - In fact, we have done that, but ran into an issue with 3rd party software that we had no control over. The content will grow over time as we go - Number one objective here was to move the website to its completely new backend and IT infrastructure.
  4. EA_CIRE

    Official C&C Website Redesigned

    Hey guys, we ran into a major issue during the vBulletin transition - Therefore it will take a little bit longer until we can get the forums back up. Hopefully this will happen today :/
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  13. EA_CIRE

    CNCNZ.com 15th Anniversary Contest

    No thanks - This was only meant as inspiratonal piece
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