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  1. Zero Hour (Serious Error)

    Fixed it! I redid the step on doing the options.ini step and I set the "Save as type: All Files", so now I tried to open ZH again and it successfully launched to the menu, found all my graphics settings set up all the way up, no texture problems, shellmap moving as expected! I may have mis-read the step posted awhile ago...well, either way, that's how I fixed it. Thank you, Plokite Wolf for your assistance, I appreciate it.
  2. Zero Hour (Serious Error)

    I apologize for not adding in this: I have ran the game as an administrator, which is one of the first troubleshooting things I do whenever it acts like this, I also saw that I needed DirectX 9 and installed it. No progress was made, still the same thing. I also did a clean reinstall, removing all the folders and installing the new ones. For some reason, the DirectX installer tells me I have a newer equivalent, which I don't remember installing.
  3. Zero Hour (Serious Error)

    Good to see everyone's still here! Anyways, to the problem... Zero Hour has been giving me an error, same goes w/ Generals, it loads the large screen (with the Unofficial Patch) and then it hangs there, with about a minute passing, the error shows up. I am unable to get into the game, just the loading screen BEFORE the game. I have looked around and did everything that there was, from using Windows XP SP3 compatibility to putting in the options.ini in the My Documents ZH folder. I've also done the same with the TFD Launcher and ran it as an admin, still no progress. All the other games, YR, Red Alert 2, Tiberian Dawn and RA1 (all though they get really weird colors so I do the 'open screen resolution before TFD' trick) work with out a problem. Yes, the game's legitimate, no cracks or anything of a sort. Please help. :/
  4. Juggernaut Problem

    Thank you, Nmenth. It works again. I should really think before doing some stuff like this
  5. Juggernaut Problem

    Oh Crap...I made a new ecache01.mix for the 4tnkicon.shp....maybe that is what is conflicting with the juggernaut...
  6. Juggernaut Problem

    Well I am not sure if I am to put up the rules.ini for the Juggernaut AND the art.ini, or either...
  7. Juggernaut Problem

    Anyone got any suggestions? The Juggernauts are straight up wierd now and it really ruins my gameplay.... The picture is proof...
  8. Hello, Modders and guys. I come back again to explain an issue. After I got a Cameo to work for the 4tnk, the Juggernaut appearently has problems. It has NO cameo at all, and when ejected from the Factory, it is completely invisible and has no shadow whatsoever. When Deployed, its 3 guns only appear, and the rest of the body is invisible. Lastly, it cannot be undeployed after being deployed...this only happend after the 4tnk-cameo issue was resolved. Yes, I have rextracted art and rules from the local.mix and it still doesn't work.... Any help?
  9. Red Alert 2 Cameos not working

    So do the same with expandxx.mix but only chance "expand" to ecache? If so, I am wondering if I should do the same with Tiberian Sun, as I tried making a Cameo for the mammoth tank. *Hot damn, it works. Thanks for mentioning the ecache to me, Destiny! I appreciated your help.
  10. Red Alert 2 Cameos not working

    Yes. I don't know if its the way I did it or not while using the .shp builder...
  11. Red Alert 2 Cameos not working

    Ok I guess I know what you are saying o.o Here is the 2 codes... -Chain-Link Fence- [CAFNCP] Cameo=SPIKICON Image=CAFNCP Foundation=1x1 ToOverlay=CAFNCP DamageLevels=2 NewTheater=yes DemandLoad=true -SandBag- [GASAND] Cameo=SANDBAGZ Foundation=1x1 ToOverlay=GASAND DamageLevels=2 NewTheater=yes
  12. Red Alert 2 Cameos not working

    Ok, this is kinda annoying since it has worked before...I have done the following... -Clicked New on Mix Editor, named it expand02.mix(Since there was no 02 in the RA2 Directory) -Used Insert and Inserted spikey.shp and sandbagz.mix (sandbag and Chain link fence, guess which is which) -Clicked Compact -Closed, then when done with all--I put the .mix into the RA2 Directory. May be a problem here you could pick out, I don't know. I just don't think I am doing this right o.o
  13. Red Alert 2 Cameos not working

    Wait, so create random .mix file just for the Cameos using Mix Editor, use the Mix Editor to "Insert" the files into the .mix, Save, and thats it? Or should I do a different process?
  14. Red Alert 2 Cameos not working

    Well if I can't make a Cameo for the Mammoth Tank not work for Tiberian Sun then I can't be able to make this situation work either. Help would be appriciative, if not, thats alright
  15. Hey Guys, I got a problem again with the Cameos. I made Cameo's for the 2 games, YR and RA2, but it only works for YR and Ra2 is not showing any thing but the Red Alert 2 Default Cameo. I made 2 new Cameo's for it, changed the Cameo= for both the Chain-Link Fence and Sandbags to the new 1's and tried loading it up, didn't work. If you want, I can put it up. Any Suggestions is needed