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  1. Good stuff, I'm very happy to hear this! Keep it up, CNCNZ!
  2. It wouldn't have been possible without you, @Plokite_Wolf. I'm forever grateful that you took the time to help us make this video better, thanks! I hope you all like the result.
  3. Thank you! And I enjoyed editing the video, though the feeling that this could've been more still nags. I'll be looking for people who posses a deep knowledge of the series and who'd like to take on the alternative script in the following days. Would anyone here be able to point me in the right direction by any chance? I'd really appreciate it!
  4. Hi @Plokite_Wolf , I just saw your comment on YouTube. I think their strange algorithm marked it as spam (probably due to its length), I've unflagged it and you should now be able to see it. I'm the person who produced and edited the video, I'm also the owner of the channel. I wish I could say anything else other than that I agree with you. I feel this project hasn't reached its full potential. I wanted to make a franchise analysis that takes the viewer through the highs and lows of the franchise as well as tell the stories of the developers at EALA and Westwood in detail. As a fan of the series, making a documentary style video about Command & Conquer has been one of my long-time goals but now that the video is up, I don't feel that that goal was entirely achieved. The problem is that I'm not a writer, English isn't my native language and I'm simply not skilled at creating scripts. To make up for this and create something the fans can be really proud of I'd like to make an alternative Redux of the video, with a complete new script. So we can tell the story right this time around. Though my dilemma of finding a writer still remains, which is why I'd like to make a request on this forum: if anyone would like to take on this project and has writing experience, please let me know.