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  1. I must admit that after playing Lan and Multiplayer on any c&c game i stuggle to play singleplayer or skirmish for over 5 minutes without getting bored but thats just my opinion and will not be for everyone (especially C&C fans) but what i don't like is free to play, get ripped off to enjoy system. I was looking forward to playing Generals 2 but now i've found out there making the game like this EA can only dream of getting me to buy it this is why i hate most modern games you pay silly money for the game then you find out you've only got about 5% of the game it's like having a demo if you want the other 95% it'll only cost you a few hundred pounds
  2. Looking for Testers

    haven't looked at this thread for ages and i've got to say it's come along way since i last saw it well done AlexB and keep up the good work
  3. Looking for Testers

    not really found any problems with it yet i suppose if you pushed it would be nice to have wall show grid of where it's going to go and what other wall it's going to attech but that aside alls good
  4. Looking for Testers

    i know but it'd be nice if you could you can make para troopers special drop para bombs in skirmish but then theres no para troopers
  5. Looking for Testers

    being able to change what building and which team gives you special weapons like pare trooper, parabombs ect. would be cool
  6. Looking for Testers

    ok so matbe all that stuff was a bit over the top quess i've just been modding ts for to long still keep the good stuff rolling
  7. Looking for Testers

    ironcurtain curtain more than one unit would rock like in ra2
  8. Looking for Testers

    think you could add in a rank system or power offline or maybe hijackers like in TS that would increase amazingness even more
  9. Looking for Testers

    god i can't keep up with all these updates looking forward to next release
  10. Looking for Testers

    oh i never even looked at the AFTRMATH.ini what a complete nob i am cheers by the way
  11. Looking for Testers

    Everything is going well so far great bit of kit actully especially the walls with guard range EDIT: having a problem getting it to enable the gnrl to be used in skirmish do't have clue why tech level = 9, soviet ect. but wont work
  12. Looking for Testers

    the new 18 mb standerd version worked fine cheers
  13. Looking for Testers

    i've pasted it all here http://pastebin.com/2BHLE0B0 thx for the help
  14. Looking for Testers

    slight problem i installed it but when i ran a skirmish game it crashed i have cnc-ddraw installed and the TFD Unofficial patch rev 4 could this be the problem?
  15. TFD TS tiny screen fix

    when i play C&C Tiberian Sun which is off The First Decade it works but all the menus and stuff are propper messed up and i get like a 640/480 size screen messing with the sun configuration file hasn't worked and i've installed the TFD unofficle patch Rev 2 didn't work and i can't find anything on the net anyone can herlp cheers