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  1. Took a little while to re-create all the assets and make the new stuff. Yeah we'll cover the AMA since a lot of it is about C&C. Thanks! Thanks again to Sonic for always supporting CBCPT and sharing the episodes.
  2. The problem wasn't that I didn't have a back-up, I did. The problem was that when I initially backed-up my data I didn't back-up any of the current projects I was working on, because I was going to back those up at the last second so I didn't have multiple different versions of folders (there were several days inbetween). Then when I did my final back-up just before taking my computer in I forgot I didn't back up my CBCPT folder and some recently recorded footage. That was the stuff that was lost in the wipe, reformat, and reinstall. When I went to start working on CBCPT again (which was quite a while ago) it hit me like a ton of bricks that I had none of the work from the past year and a half or so. All of the re-design project files, templates, and assets I had created were gone. The only thing I have was an older version of the redesign project file (mostly containing designs and concepts that never made it to the show) that was on my old computer. I last used that project file around November 2012. Unfortunately at this point in my life I don't have nearly as much free time to spend on CBCPT as I once did (remember when we actually had 2 episodes a month?) so rebuilding everything will take so much longer the second time.
  3. Questions from the CBCPT team: How many legos do you own? How many have you had to paint or customize for the show? When did you first start with stop motion animation? Have you ever accidentally messed up an episode and had to redo the entire thing? Would you make a blooper reel of your recordings? How long does an episode take you to make? Which out of all episodes was your favorite? Any more details from new projects you're working on? Would you ever return to C&C Legos again?
  4. Of course, it's an interesting new project. We love covering that stuff when we can.
  5. As stated in the show, every asset will eventually be replaced, but some aren't quite ready yet. I'm itching to get the new intro into the show, but I'm not happy with it yet so it'll be some time. I might whip up a temporary new intro while the final version is still being worked on. 1) This is an idea. There's already a section specific timer below each of the sections, which tracks the progress of every segment, but it's currently very subtle. I might try making it white instead of black or adding a indicator as you suggested. 2) Having a little preview of each section is something that I've gone back and fourth about a number of times, and I've concluded it's unnecessary. DooM usually gives a short description of what's coming up, and anything beyond just a reminder of the segments coming up is overkill. We really don't need an entire motion graphic for what's in the episode. If episodes are consistently getting longer then a preview segment would be justified. As far as recreating the season 2 intro, that's definitely excessive and would require far more than what I have. Unless you know a really good 3D artist willing to donate 100+ hours to making an intro it's not going to happen. Thanks for your feedback. P.S. Sorry about DooM misreading the patch number for your mod. When I wrote that article I didn't realize how awkward the wording was. He got tripped up a bit and thought the patch number was ""
  6. 1) I don't know who you're referring or why it's relevant here since we credited it to Inside. 2) What is said in the episode is a slight misread by DooM of what was actually written in the script. That aside there were multiple new voice actors, but not all of them made it into the episode. 3) I love that so many people didn't get that the fan art section was a joke even thought DooM says it's a joke. The fan art section is incomplete? What do you mean by that?
  7. OK cool. Thanks for sending that. We'll get it covered.
  8. Contact info is given out at the end of each episode in the audio, in the video, and can be found in the description of every episode. It helps if you send news to both e-mails.
  9. It was originally in there, but it was over by the time the episode got so I ended up cutting it.
  10. Can't say I disagree, but sometimes it happens.
  11. Not for a little while unfortunately. Hopefully we'll be able to do more live action episodes at some point.
  12. I don't know why that works, but it does.
  13. I was running RA 2 at 1920X1080 by modifying the .ini, but that is what made it so I couldn't record with Fraps. I could record the menus and stuff that was 1024X768, but when it came to actually drawing the game at 1920X1080 the video just goes black. Audio is still there. I hope you're not suggesting that upscaling 1024X768 to an HD resolution is the same thing, and using WMM? That's silly talk for so many reasons. I can do the upscaling quite easily, but one of the problems is that it's a 4:3 (or similar) aspect ratio versus the 16:9 of all the other game footage which means I'd have to duplicate, scale up, and blur a copy of the video to fill the background (like I do with some images). Thanks for your help, but for now I may have to look at some other software or just use the 1024X768, which wouldn't be that bad.
  14. I tried doing that using "-win" which didn't work and neither did what you suggested. I can record RA 2 with Fraps, but just not at HD resolutions, which I would like to do. I wish. If I could go I would just take my camera.
  15. You're kidding, right? This is something that I've also wanted to do since we started the BattleCasts, but Fraps doesn't work in RA 2. HyperCam (suggested on the XWIS) has weird settings and the footage doesn't work in my editor. There are some other programs that I'll have to try out that were suggested. One was $300 so I won't be getting that, but the other may work. Unless someone knows how to run RA 2(First Decade version) windowed in 7.