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    Okay so here is my problem. I enjoy playing against my friend with my terrible laptop C&C3KW but sometimes at the worst times my laptop freezes for due to my processor over heating(Havent been able to fix it yet) so I was thinking is there maybe not a mod one can add to the game that allows any of the players too save the current game that is being played and then after that to load it again as if nothing happened? Today we just tried to see who of the two of us is the best with the game once and for all but my stupid laptop froze so now we dont know even though I had more units than he did. I want to settle it but dont want to have to restart each time we want to settle it. I know I need a new laptop but the thing is I dont have the money right now. Please help me find or could someone make this mod for me please?
  2. Hi people I'm new here. I have a idea that I would like help doing or somebody who will do it for me but I would prefer if somebody could tell me how to do it and what I would need so that I can do it myself as I enjoy learning new things. Well my mod is pretty simple. It comes from a previous mod I downloaded. It is a mod allowing all users to construct buildings and units of any faction much like the fairplay mod for tiberian sun. If anyone could create it for me or better yet tell me how to do it I would really appreciate it. Thanx in advance Please note I have never done modding before