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Found 2 results

  1. I originally posted this in the topic "C&C With a New Storyline" but I thought I'd just start up a new topic here to share what I did these past few months. I actually drafted (and am still drafting) a whole new take on the entire C&C universe. Put it all on a couple of .rtf files too, so will upload them later when the last few bits of their details are done. Essentially, things will kick off at the end of Yuri's Revenge. The tentative title for the first of 6 parts (going from RA to TW) is Red Alert: Chaos Theory. It'll be an RTS and a mod for Tiberium Wars (I kinda like the engine, though I do know the RA3 engine looks cooler and stuff). Here's the intro summary I wrote: "The Allies have succeeded in defeating Yuri's psychic forces with the aid of the Soviet Union. A new lasting peace treaty was formed between both factions in the wake of Yuri's defeat, with both President Dugan and Premier Romanov pledging to collaborate and rebuild all that was destroyed in the long war. Unfortunately for them, Yuri's legacy yet lives on in the form of his most promising disciple, Alastor. Bent on freeing his master and continuing where they have left off, Alastor leads a new legion of fanatical psychic warriors against the combined might of the Allies and Soviets." I must apologize in advance, though, as some elements of Chaos Theory may or may not be heavily influenced by Mental Omega's plot and units, and even a wee bit from Twisted Insurrection. These will be changed if anyone has some better suggestions to offer. The plot is also still in prototype stage, so that's also open for discussion. There will be three major factions duking it out: the Allies, specializing in high tech, high quality units; the Soviets with superior firepower and now some added flexibility (due to a faltering economy); and the Psychic Legion that rose from the ashes of Yuri's Psychic Army, specializing in stealth, psionics and advanced weapons tech. Gameplay's going to be the usual C&C fare: build bases, mine ore, build an army, win. It's going to employ the RA3 system where (almost) every unit gets a special ability, and there will be support powers available to each faction and are faction specific (like the Top Secret Protocols in RA3, but available to the player after building specific structures like in C&C3; they also cost cash to use). Each faction also has sub-factions that add new units, buildings and/or support powers, much like Kane's Wrath. I don't think there's gonna be any new features to add, but again this idea of mine is still in its "early alpha" stages so comments are most welcome. I have to admit that I'm quite new to the entire C&C universe, especially the Tiberium Wars one, so I'm sure that there will be a few errors here and there in the plot and what-not. In any case, below you can find the first general document that details each factions' unit, base structure, and support power line-up, as well as a few extra bits of stuff. I'll be adding detailed info files for each faction in the near future, once I finish up the one for the Legion. Expect to see new stuff up here every now and then, whenever I'm able to add stuff. Also, I am not actually planning on making a C&C3 mod for this, as I don't have the time nor the resources to make it possible. But if anyone is intrigued and is keen on trying their hand at turning this into a mod, then by all means please do. I'll help out as best as I can with the story and vision, as well as any other ideas I can try and think up. I actually joined the CNCZ community just to share this, haha. Anyways, enjoy and do leave your feedback on what you think of it so far. Thanks guys RA2 Chaos Theory.rtf
  2. Hi people I'm new here. I have a idea that I would like help doing or somebody who will do it for me but I would prefer if somebody could tell me how to do it and what I would need so that I can do it myself as I enjoy learning new things. Well my mod is pretty simple. It comes from a previous mod I downloaded. It is a mod allowing all users to construct buildings and units of any faction much like the fairplay mod for tiberian sun. If anyone could create it for me or better yet tell me how to do it I would really appreciate it. Thanx in advance Please note I have never done modding before