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  1. kamuixmod

    Command & Conquer Board Game

    Cant wait for all the Microtransactions for this Board Game
  2. Picture 1: "If I paint one Target red, his friends will think of him as the enemy. I am a Genius!" Picture 2: "This little buddy will help me defeat the Enemy and you will stick your head with me and not the ground!" Picture 3: "It costs 200,000$ to use this Chainsaw, for 12 seconds."
  3. kamuixmod

    Blue Team Go!

    Ah where is the Red Team and Heavy and Medic? :/
  4. kamuixmod

    ARMA3 Developers Arrested for... Espionage?

    Greece....Typical Greece. They upgrade their Military while being in such high debts. They are as retarded as EA
  5. kamuixmod

    Snake Seekers (A video I made)

    Alex, you are not very athletic, arent you . You seem to be out of breath most of the times when speaking
  6. Was it now your mother who voiced tanya?
  7. and in the worst case, you can always ask your dad
  8. Ask your Mother, thats the best option, you might even get a cookie from her for making her an Internet star
  9. kamuixmod

    Renegade Demo malfunction?

    its very easy. Before your game starts, you are in an options menu, where you can also select the maps. There should be somewhere an option with a "X" marked on "dedicated server". You make that thing away and host your game.
  10. nice one. The terror drone somehow reminds me of the Omnidroid of "The Incredibles"
  11. kamuixmod

    No Generals 2 at E3

    for 1 thing i hope is, that it wont be canceled like C&C Tiberium
  12. kamuixmod

    nope.avi in real life?!

    it is a very well known meme and also a response from the Engineer of Team Fortress 2 however, i did not expect to see it in real life. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eeUi_0epdLs