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    An old Generlas prasentation:
  2. Dear community, finally the new CnCHQ is online! How does it strike you? After about 10 years we are taking leave of EEBCMS that was used on www.cnchq.de. In that changing process we have successfully migrated into Wordpress which also affords a half-decent junction to our forums. Consequently this means, that by commenting any news in the forum, those comments are appearing on the appropriate fansites. For the adequate celebration of this occasion we are going to start some events and competitions. For further informations please follow this link. Furthermore we may welcome two new fansites into our HQ family: www.hqgaming.de and www.mchq.de In conclusion the whole HQ Gaming Network Team whishes you to have a lot of fun on our new fansites! HQ Gaming Network - Your source for the best games -
  3. That's right the mod looks awesome!
  4. You feel like playing a match of Zero Hour again, competing with many different enemies and scrounging some nice prizes? Then sign up for the upcoming Command & Conquer Generals: Zero Hour Tournament on 8 July with either Partikelkanone or me, Conquers. Check in: 04.00 pm CET Start: 06.00 pm CET Rules: 1 vs. 1 10,000$ start-up cash no cheats GenTool The treatment of disconnects and asynchronisations will be decided individually in every case. Prizes: 1. place: Choose from a RA3 Premium Edition, or a C&C 4 T-shirt L, or a RA3 T-shirt M. 2. place: Choose from a Renegade or a C&C3 mouse pad. 3. place: Choose from a C&C3 sticker set (GDI, Nod, Scrin) or a C&C4 pin set (GDI, Nod). See you on the battlefield ... !