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  1. I had this problem on my uncle's PC and it took me hours to narrow it down. It was a text size setting in windows control panel. On Vista/7 the location is Control Panel > Appearance > Display. If the text size is not 100% then RA2/YR has several visual bugs like the sliders appearing in the wrong place, The New button under network will disappear and change to join when pressed, and Use Map button will change to Random when pressed. When this bug is present, I can't host a game and I cannot use the map generator. As soon as I press New, Join moves up and replaces it. Most of the sliders in the options screen appear to the right side outside of the allowed area for that slider. I searched google and saw on various sites others with the same problem but no solution. Hope this helps someone
  2. They are certainly same copies of the maps. The pc's in question are two in my house, and one at my uncle's house, all of which I administer. I'm going to try reinstalling everything from scratch. I have installed mods, patches and I believe I have done the same procedure on each but... not 100% sure... After that I'll report back. Edit: Are all related game files located in the RA2 folder? I mean, does RA2 cache or store temp files anywhere else like %tmp% ? Edit2: Reinstalled, applied patches, installed new maps, everything works as expected. I have no idea what was causing the issue though. Edit3: Check this out -> 1. start YR, Network, New, pick a custom map 2. have another user join who also has the same map 3. exit YR, open said map in text editor and under [basic] section, change Name= to a different map name, or in FA2 save as a different map name 4. save as a different file name than original 5. make same changes to other user's map file 6. start YR again and try to load any custom map 7. when other user tries to join, it says (for me) that that user does not have the unofficial map and same thing when that user picks a custom when I try to join their game My best guess is that YR is caching the map file names with the hash or something like that and not updating with the new file name. Edit4: FA2 does NOT update the [Digest] by simply saving the map. I had to open the .yrm in notepad, remove the [Digest] section, then open the map in FA2 and save it to update the digest which solved all my issues
  3. EDIT: Reinstall fixed all issues EDIT2: issues are back again EDIT3: Finally got it solved, see post #3 So I downloaded some yrm maps from several sites and played them on the network, no problem. I decided to rename all the map files to the internal name so I could delete unwanted ones. I then copied my game folder to the other pc's. Now when we play, it always says other users do not have the unofficial map and it has to be transferred. This happens every time even on the same map, so if we play the same map consecutively, it transfers it to the other players before each game. I hope someone can tell me this is an easy fix. Google wasn't much help :-/