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  1. Donate to CNCNZ.com

    WoW.... lol
  2. Donate to CNCNZ.com

    WHoooo $200 is a lotta moola lol Thx Nyerguds, for your MOST GENEROUS contribution!
  3. Donate to CNCNZ.com

    Huuwayyy, Nyerguds HE LIVES!!
  4. Donate to CNCNZ.com

    ok, donated $20.00
  5. TFD 1.04 Dev Update (12/05/2012)

    any updates since 2016?
  6. 1.06c development topic

    Sweet I do remember something about gravatar some time in the past and some EPIC YT Vid to go with my Enthusiam AkatsukiLuver88
  7. 1.06c development topic

    Hi Nyerguds and NathanCNC Long time no see ;; its great to see you guys still keeping this old Dream still alive good games good stories... ps: I even got to keep my Same Avatar I use I didn't even to config it when I signed up here lol