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  1. DustxTesla

    Yuri Sidebar

    It was just too late i dunno if i need to laugh or be sad :/
  2. DustxTesla

    Yuri Sidebar

    Yeah but i lost the little paper of the link where i got the sidebar , so....:/
  3. DustxTesla

    Yuri Sidebar

    if u can send it plz do it , thanks in advance
  4. Hi guys , i m just doing a request for this sidebar which i accidentally erased from the main file folder :
  5. DustxTesla

    AI using modded units(YR)

    ok , got it work and used the first example for all the other units, now i have another problem , i unlocked the techstolen requeriment for the special units (chrono commando, psi commando , chrono ivan ) the point is :I added , for example a chrono commando in a AI unit order , however , doesnt work in game, looks like this: [0617E80C-G] Name=2 GIs, 2 Guards,1 Chrono Commando 0=2,E1 1=2,GGI 2=1,CCOMAND Group=-1 Oh ,and a question: where is the part the trigger is telling that?? Please show me specifically
  6. DustxTesla

    AI using modded units(YR)

    Please can u show me how the trigger needs to looks like?'
  7. Ok guys , im starting to get bored with the same artificial intelligenceĀ“s unit attacks , so i want to add my new units for new types of attacks And i want the AI to build my new structures: Soviet Airport + MiG and Cosmonauts Yuri Airpad + Starflare Bombers , Psi Commando and the ''Psychic Disk'' Im Starting with the cosmonaut one , but its not working , looks like this: [TaskForces] 132=0D082BEC-G [0D082CEC-G] Name=5 Cosmonauts 0=5,LUNR Group=-1 [09B4E9BC-G] Name=Soviet Cosmonaut - H1 VeteranLevel=1 MindControlDecision=0 Loadable=no Full=no Annoyance=no GuardSlower=no House=<none> Recruiter=no Autocreate=yes Prebuild=no Reinforce=no Droppod=no UseTransportOrigin=no Whiner=no LooseRecruit=no Aggressive=no Suicide=no Priority=5 Max=1 TechLevel=0 Group=-1 OnTransOnly=no AvoidThreats=yes IonImmune=no TransportsReturnonunload=no AreTeamMembersRecruitable=no IsBaseDefense=no OnlyTargetHouseEnemy=no Script=0ABA6DBC-G TaskForce=0D082CEC-G [AITriggerTypes] 0C8B81BC-G=Soviet Cosmonauts - H1,09B4E9BC-G,<all>,3,4,<none>,0000000003000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000,50.000000,10.000000,50.000000,1,0,1,0,0CB246CC-G,0,1, Im very confused and i dont know what to do to make it work , I know to put a new unit: 1 = normaluitUIname 2 = modunitUIname But to add a new taskforce, teamtype, aitriggertype ....????? Thanks in advance Btw wrong language edit , dont know english very much
  8. DustxTesla

    Quick Question: How add a sidebar?

    now its working , thanks
  9. DustxTesla

    Quick Question: How add a sidebar?

    the second
  10. DustxTesla

    Quick Question: How add a sidebar?

    The patch is already installed and the file is in the ra2 folder ,but still dont work, solution???????
  11. Just asking this , i have a sidec03.mix as a sidebar file but i just don't know how to make it work in the game , where do i need to put that file????
  12. Reached a conclusion : That was a bad SHP file , downloaded the actual yuri airpad from mental omega and now works perfect , thanks guys.
  13. i already duplicated the generic version, thats why now works in urban maps or another type instead of invisible picture, maybe this is why the yuri airpad appears with artic version I just checked the airpad generic version (ygspad) and i got that
  14. Im doing what u said but look this: It now works on urban but thats the problem
  15. i will try that, thanks, i think i will need the SHP builder right??? i will give more news if this works .Previous topic's question still stands (Optional)