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  1. Phillip Causey

    Internet Explorer to be phased out

    You know IE isn't that bad, we all got a bad taste because IE6 was with us for 5 years, but IE won the first browser war, because it was better than Netscape. Ie10 and then Ie11 really improved the experince 10 fold, and I'll freely admit I enjoy them.
  2. Phillip Causey

    James Bond 24 new title -- SPECTRE

    Maybe Quantum is a division of SPECTRE it would make sense and tie it all together nicely.
  3. Phillip Causey

    Slow preformance, Am I remembering things this badly?

    no this is installed from original RA2 CD's
  4. Ok so my Windows 98 box is together its working, and I've played quite a few games on it. Most work fine, but I fired up Red Alert 2 today, and its slower than dirt, even with a maxed out game speed it just crawls, as does Yuri's Revenge. I don't remember it running this poorly back in the day, maybe I'm confused but I don't think I am. System Specs Athlon XP 2800+ Barton 2083mhz ECS K7VTA3 KT333 EVGA 6200 256mb 64bit (but RA2 isn't excatly demanding in graphics, and this card maxes other games like Elite Force with no issues) 2x256mb PC333 Kingston Ram 40gb WD 2mb Cache Windows 98 SE Game is fully patched, and hard drive is defraged before you ask. I just wanted to enjoy RA2 in its natural enviroment, not via Origin. Tiberian Sun, Renegade, Red Alert and Tiberian Dawn all work great however
  5. Phillip Causey

    C&C With a New Storyline

    nah, I like my names better
  6. Phillip Causey

    C&C With a New Storyline

    What about making the game that links Red Alert and Tiberian Dawn together, you know like they had thought of doing originally before RA2, call it Kane Lives. But on a more serious note. How about a Command and Conquer game set in the late 22nd century, man kind has used up 90% of its resources, things such as water are now in scarce supply. The control of these few remaining resources rests in the hands of the Pan Asian Confederacy. The other nations of the earth facing irrelevancy as their remaining stockpiles dry up, from an alliance to take what remains of man kinds resources away from the Confederacy, and a new World War is sparked.
  7. Phillip Causey

    Play in Windows 98

    Thanks man I really appreciate it, and so does my Windows 98 box
  8. Phillip Causey

    Play in Windows 98

    I'd be placing it in C:\Program Files\Westwood\Sun just like it originally went lol, its where RA1 and CnC gold are installed, my disks for those still work, but my TS disk broke at some point
  9. Phillip Causey

    Play in Windows 98

    Origin doesn't install on windows 98, thats part of the problem
  10. Phillip Causey

    Play in Windows 98

    Ok so my internet is rather slow, so downloading the ISO's is a very time intensive task, right now I'm renting so I have no control over the speed, but suffice to say my normal download speed is about 50KB/s, but I have the ultimate edition of TS already installed on my Win 8 box but I want to enjoy it in its original glory on 98, anyway to copy the game to 98 and get it work
  11. Phillip Causey

    Problem with CnC Ultimate Collection

    it works just fine when i launched the installer from Virtual Box running Windows XP lol.
  12. Phillip Causey

    Problem with CnC Ultimate Collection

    I solved the issue, i got into storage and found my CnC 95 gold edition CD's and just installed it the old fashioned way lol.
  13. Phillip Causey

    Problem with CnC Ultimate Collection

    yea i did, it just ctd's right after the intro movie the main menu doesnt load
  14. My First Decade disk got broke, so i snagged CnC Ultimate off Origin, but when I try to launch CnC95 i get a program is not responding and crash to desktop. Q6600 4gb DDR2 Windows 7 64bit Any help would be appreciated, also just an off topic question does the TFD 1.04 patch work on this collection?