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  1. Hi, So, the purpose of this thread is a consequence of Sonic's article published here on CNCNZ.com. It was noted in there the possible futures of C&C franchise and one of the alternatives will be discussed here: WHAT DO YOU THINK THE NEXT C&C SHOULD/COULD BE, AS AN ENTIRELY NEW GAME? new game = new story line at least, new units, etc. Given that the debate has a broad purpose forcing people to make endless texts, there are below some subjects you could consider to organize your thoughts, no need to approach all of them, it's just a checklist: Working Name (if you have it) & Genre Aesthetics Mechanics Story/Plot Technology Personally, I'll give some days, before I write my options. As I'm willing to make people step up, this is my fake proposal - make fun of it if desired, but don't comment unless someone really suggest something similar later*: C&C British Colonies - Genre: RTS Mechanics: Naval Warfare, Naval-to-land warfare, Coastal clusters as point of conflict, fortresses Story/Plot: 4 factions - The renegade armada, British Empire - stronger in the sea, A hindu prince - stronger in land and Pirates lead by the parrot!! * my real proposal is nothing new, it will include tanks in other planets and if it becomes a game it will be played in the Vatican too. Greetings!