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  1. This kinda makes me sad ;(
  2. Breathe-0ut

    OpenRA Playtest 20130804 Released

    Cool. Going to try it out right now.
  3. Breathe-0ut


    I think you can somehow use them as the Scrin in Kane's Wrath somehow, not excatly sure how though. Haven't played KW since 09. Maybe one of their superweapons.
  4. Breathe-0ut

    Make Speed Stack cups glow again

    Ok ill get a black light.
  5. I have some speed stacker cups that glow in the dark (Green) and their not glowing anymore. Yes they are old. If I put them over a light (Blue specifically) they start to glow again but only momentairly. Anybody got some good ideas?
  6. Breathe-0ut


    Has anyone ever watched the Arfenhouse flashes? Let alone played the RPG games?
  7. Breathe-0ut

    Original Red Alert Maps

    Wow what a tease.
  8. Breathe-0ut

    Original Red Alert Maps

    I can't open that link (((
  9. Breathe-0ut

    getting invisible gattling gun

    Im pretty sure this is a glitch, unless you are getting this every time. Are you modding the game or using a certain patch/un-patched version of the game?
  10. Breathe-0ut

    Now Playing - Music

    This is one of my personal favorites.
  11. Breathe-0ut

    Original Red Alert Maps

    Personal prefrence, and it didn't help [kinda].
  12. Breathe-0ut

    Half-Life "The big announcement"

    I think Wolf is in on this.
  13. Can someone give me a list of all the orinigal Red Alert maps and where I can download them?
  14. Breathe-0ut

    Half-Life "The big announcement"

    So can't they just make Half Life 4 then?