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    Ponies, Metal, overdoing stuff and being clumsy :3
    Also freeclimbing. B3
  1. CraftManiac

    Video of the day

    On the topic of Russian Soldiers doing silly stuff...
  2. CraftManiac

    Hello: Episode 3

    Neat. Thank you~ ^^
  3. CraftManiac

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    Popping some Terran and Vanu scum in Planetside 2. :3
  4. CraftManiac

    Hello: Episode 3

    Thanks~ A friend of mine drew it. I'll send her your regards. :3 I wanted to start from scratch. Merging accounts? I'm not sure if I'm thinking right.. :3 Kako je počelo, i oće bit. ;D CroBroFist?
  5. CraftManiac

    Hello: Episode 3

    Hello folks. :3 I'm back and I REALLY hope I'll stay this time. Made a new account because I didn't like the old one and wanted to start anew. *cough*forgotmyoldpasswordtoo*cough* ANYWAYS. Stuff's been pretty much the same since last time. 'Cept I've taken up freeclimbing a year and something ago. B3 And gotten myself interested into watching all the anime too!~ I see that stuff has been pretty much the same here too. Not that I mind. ^-^; Way better... I have less catching up to do. o3o To the folks that never, ever, EVER saw me... I'm CraftManiac (although most people like calling me Crafty :3). I like sunny days, metal, melo-deth, freeclimbing, sauerkraust, annoying my brother, being silly, sucking at games, sucking at real life, snuggles, hugs and ponies. I hope you guys enjoy my stay here. :3 (By the way, I had a 10% warning on my last account... Just pointing that out in case I have to get that warning on this one too... since it's the same person or somestuff.) ALSO RANDOM VIDYA. EDIT: Forgot to add sauerkraust
  6. Is there any way of adding your own custom music? I did read some tutorials/find some programs, but they were way to confusing for me to understand.
  7. CraftManiac

    Pic of the Day

    Smile, smile, smile...
  8. CraftManiac

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    Dream Evil - Calling Your Name
  9. CraftManiac

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    The Final Countdown - Europe
  10. CraftManiac

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    Been playing IJI on Ultimortal lately...
  11. CraftManiac

    Pic of the Day

    I shall divide by missiles.
  12. CraftManiac

    Pic of the Day

    Oh god don't...
  13. So sleepy...

    1. Luk3us


      I hear killing dragons will help that. ;)

  14. CraftManiac

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    VNV Nation - Nemesis
  15. I've just killed 3 ancient dragons...