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  1. okay thanks guys alot but 1 more question why you help me if i am using cracked versions i didnt know with that but now i know it is against forum rules so does that means that i will take a warning and oh yea sorry for breaking that rule
  2. i didnt buy it because i dont how to get it as i said my location is egypt for that i download i just need the vaild one to patch the game always old file not found message so no ares no npatch no rock patch no online playing no mods my father said that the problem is who to give money and the serial i got it from someone but his links for the game is broken so i want to download
  3. And here is the turrets to defend against armored units Allied Turret :http://yrarg.cncguild.net/index.php/shps/buildings/viewdownload/3-buildings/257-gun-turret Soviet Turret :http://yrarg.cncguild.net/index.php/shps/buildings/viewdownload/3-buildings/259-soviet-turret remember its not my work i just publish you will know who to credit in the read me txt and sorry for this comment
  4. aha got it well i am sure that my serial is exist and vaild so any download links
  5. Hi Guys not after we have all have tried the defenses for the three sides allied soviet and yuri now it would be nice to add gates 1-gates: okay here is the gate to cover all bases with wall just gate to make us enter the base or get out if it here is the links it has a tutorial too allied gate:http://www.ppmsite.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=18742&highlight= soviet gate:http://www.ppmsite.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=18740 yuri gate:http://www.ppmsite.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=18739&highlight= well you guys will notice something about the soviet and allied gates it work only on snow then you should do this copy and paste allied gates and then for aagate_a rename it to aggate_a and for aagate_b rename it to aggate_b now you have the 4 files the aagate_a the aagate_b the aggate_a the aggate_b now copy and paste soviet gates and then for nagate_a rename it to nggate_a and for nagate_b rename it to nggate_b now you have the 4 files the nagate_a the nagate_b the nggate_a the nggate_b yuri gates work well on all types of maps if it still invisble on the other types of maps desert,urban,etc...... then go for my tutorial here remember it's free but if you want to credit someone then it should go for Vinifera7 and tmapm on ppmsite
  6. Hello guys here is a tutorial on how to solve some problem invisible things= 1-make sure that you make image= to the shp or vxl name example: [MEDIC] UIName=Name:MEDIC Name=Medic Category=Soldier Primary=MHeal Secondary=VirtualScanner Image=MEDIC Prerequisite=Barracks CrushSound=InfantrySquish Strength=125 Pip=red Armor=none TechLevel=10 Sight=6 Speed=4 Owner=British,French,Germans,Americans,Alliance AllowedToStartInMultiplayer=no Cost=600 Soylent=300 Points=5 VoiceSelect=CivAllSelect VoiceMove=CivAllMove VoiceAttack=CivAllAttackCommand VoiceFeedback=CivAllFear DieSound=CivAllDie Locomotor={4A582744-9839-11d1-B709-00A024DDAFD1} PhysicalSize=1 MovementZone=Infantry ThreatPosed=0 SpecialThreatValue=1 GuardRange=8 SelfHealing=yes ImmuneToRadiation=no ImmuneToPsionics=no PreventAttackMove=yes Bombable=yes Trainable=no Size=1 AllowedToStartInMultiplayer=no IFVMode=0 AIBuildThis=yes remeber that the name affect for example if my shp called amedic you must write it amedic not medic (known things) and the same with voxels invisible buildings: this my occur a lot of time be sure that you made the image= shp's name if it's invisible on some types of maps then you must have these files example the cyborg factory nactc.shp = Arctic ngctc.shp = Generic ndctc.shp = Desert nlctc.shp = Lunar nnairbmk.shp = NewUrban ntctc.shp = Temperate nuctc.shp = Urban if you dont have it then just copy and rename but if you have snow shp if (copyed and renamed)it will be with snow theme on every type of map if you want a solve for this too so you need shp builder sorry for this color 2-IE errors weapons: occur when a name of weapon doesnt exist (type) warhead of weapon doesnt exist projectile of weapon doesnt exist example the weapon m1carbine i used it on another unit but i made it nicarbine units: my occur of unit doesnt not exist this will just happen with the spawner units because example if you have something like v3 launcher example the mobile sam it's missile wrote with wrong for example SSAM missle 1=APACHE 2=ORCA 3=HORNET 4=V3ROCKET 5=ASW 6=DMISL 7=PDPLANE 8=BEAG 9=CARGOPLANE 10=BPLN 11=SPYP 12=CMISL 13=MIG29 14=STARF 15=WACKYBOMBER 16=AURORA 17=VINDICATO 18=SUPER 19=OVERSR 20=AFORT 21=MIG SSAM you must write here 22=SSAM but if it typed as SSAM only you will get internal error because it wont know what is the unit that you are talkin about super weapons if you for example try to make new super weapon then the payload of the weapon must have a dummy unit and then it doesnt give internal error for example ion cannon here is its dummy unit [WEEDGUY2] UIName=Name:WEEDGUY2 Name=ZZZ Chem Spray Infantry2 Category=Soldier Primary=IonCannon Secondary=IonCannon2 ;<--dont really need, but just incase. Prerequisite=BARRACKS TiberiumProof=yes CrushSound=InfantrySquish Strength=130 Storage=7 Pip=white Fearless=yes Armor=none TechLevel=-1 Sight=4 Speed=6 Owner=British,French,Germans,Americans,Alliance AllowedToStartInMultiplayer=no Cost=300 Points=5 VoiceSelect= VoiceMove= VoiceAttack= VoiceFeedback= DieSound= Locomotor={4A582744-9839-11d1-B709-00A024DDAFD1} PhysicalSize=1 MovementZone=Infantry ThreatPosed=0 you will do this if an sweet internal error happened will this is just few things if an ie happen there is still a lot of things which would make internal errors will thats all some of my things i know for beginners i am a semi beginner too sorry for bad english wish i had helped you
  7. and does that mean the serial numbers is legal ?
  8. thanks nmenth can you help me at this topic here is the link http://forums.cncnz.com/topic/18014-need-help-to-get-yuris-revenge-very-important/
  9. well i found that my version is cracked version well i want to get the original version i i heard that alot of sites dont support download until i have serial number and i already have one so where i can get the original one can anyone give me link for it or this is a legal too if it's not legal then give me a link for it and any ways to get the first decade pack in Egypt
  10. Hi all i have checked my tiberian sun i got it today (22-6-2013) and firestorm not like and its all files are not harmed so its not cracked version or legal copy the original well i saw that the game is pretty nice and i decided to mod from the first day well firstly of all i got the xcc mixers (i have some experience in red alert 2 and yr modding) then i should extract the artmd and rulesmd am i wrong or right ? and is it simple like adding new units to yr and ra2 another question : i want to know all the resources sites of the game voxels and shps question 3 : i need all the tools of modding for this game i have final sun is it on forum sorry for bad English and thanks
  11. sorry for this silly question but i need help some of my tanks (that i added) doesnt shoot from the turret and i need help with does that means that it needs a turret because some tank is a whole voxel i mean it came with a turret without its tur file(Whole shape with turret) for example with one it doesnt have tur file and it shoot from any where behind the turret or front or beside it i need help for that thanks and sorry for that baad english
  12. on any compatibility mode can make the gammed work nice
  13. will ares still didnt work and instead of that my added building are now invisble not all of it
  14. i have more than a windows on my computer i am sure that there is a Xp on it i will try that thanks nemetnh thanks treymen thanks doctor destiny