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  1. PortableRA Beta

    Succesfully tested now: A nice job, guys! why do the trees "bleed" when destroyed? I mean the red pixels in the destroy animation
  2. So, what's going on: I'm working again on this campaign, adding a storyline, which starts with the soviet defeat after the allied main campaign. you take over the command of a special task force called C.U.B.E., which main objective it is to fight against the remaining soviet resistance. Finally it is revealed how the brotherhood of nod rises from the ashes of the soviet union. That story will be continued with the discovert ops for cc1. some of the missions will be complete redesigned, one new I'll add. I'm also going to made cooperate multiplayer maps from some of the missions. Architecture of socialism: The heart of the soviet empire: Revolutionary battlefields: Discovert Ops 2.0 - coming soon!
  3. PortableRA Beta

    small infantry is working, dos not. I need left-hand-mouse-support for the game: my right hand is broken so i changed left/right buttons of the mouse in windows, but in this case the multiple selection bracket doesn't work. two crash files for you: 1. game crashes while starting 2. game crashes while showing name of a structure where I changed the name= field in the map's .ini. ra95crash.rar
  4. PortableRA Beta

    I've thought about some things that could be interesting in future. A trigger that adds a cloaking possibility to the attached object like the cloaking crate from this lunar multiplayer map. maybe you can create the trigger by attaching a goodie crate function to the attached object, so it also would be possible to add firepower, strength, heal all, cloaking... via a trigger. The cloakable= ini tag might be expanded to structures and aircraft types. I've seen you plan to modify the AI to not build radar jammers etc but building dogs instead. A generally working AIBuildThis= ini tag like in TS/RA2 would be nice, affecting on structures, units, infrantry, aircraft, ships... But instead of yes/no there could be an integer, so it would possible for the modder/map-builder, to decide which and how much of the objects the skirmish AI build: -1 = AI build unlimited of this type, like most tanks 1,2,3,.... = limit of units from this type, like the kennel or the engineer 0 = AI does'nt build it How can I add new units/structures without overwriting an existing entry?
  5. Yeah, I need to update the mix files in my redalert folder. I never used the Westwood version of 303, I used the old german CD installations from 1996 until today Thanks for your interest. Please report me some bugs. This is an yet unfinished mod, I'll made an update of this campaign in a half of a year or so to make it a complete 303p addon, fixing bugs, adding the new triggers/functions and maybe adding complete new units. It is possible to add a new unit to Red Alert without overwriting an existing one?
  6. PortableRA Beta

    I've checked out the tmp file. I exchanged the file names of arro0003.int and arro0004.int and in all cases it is the file I called ..03 which is shown black. so the tmp file seems ok, it must be a hardcode problem. Weird thing. I'm no programmer so I can't do any more in this case.
  7. In the same time period I changed the player color to green. originally that was a temperate map I converted to the snow theater when I updated Discovert Ops to C&C 1.06c. why you ask?
  8. PortableRA Beta

    I don't know much about the RA hardcode, so I don't know the reason for the bug. maybe they have misspelled the graphic's file name or just forgot to add this tile. I'm sure it could be possible to add the missing tile to the internal list of terrain tiles in this case. edit: on the RAED radar screen this tile is shown black and not grey, so the tile itself could be corrupted.
  9. As I promised, the other part of my old-school missions. I built the maps between end of the 90s and mid 2000. I originally planned two campaigns, one for Nod and one for GDI, but I melted them together. Now you are green, they are red, like in my Red Alert Campaign. I set my focus on building detailed landscapes and detailled scripting (as detailled as possible in TD). There are still some minor bugs I failed to solve, so reinforcements don't arrive proper or AI may not start production/autocreate or his tanks stay at base instead of attacking in some cases. Good luck, Commander! Features: - 17 Singleplayer Missions - 1? Multiplayer Maps - some MP maps come with a skirmish AI having a base and building units Mirrors: See http://cnc-comm.com/community/index.php?topic=3079.0 Screenshots:
  10. PortableRA Beta

    it's an original game bug. That would be a useful map keyword, I use the general as commando in combination with the chinook in some missions. There is a CivEvac= key in the [basic] section which originally might have intended this, but this never had worked.
  11. you can add my single player campaign to your site if you like. http://forums.cncnz.com/topic/18510-discovert-operations-for-red-alert-mission-packcampaign/?p=217654
  12. PortableRA Beta

    There is still a bug in the interior terrain, ARRO0003 is not visible ingame. Is it possible to switch off the evacuation of GNRL and einstein via transport helicopter in singleplayer too?
  13. RAED Standalone

    seems to be only RAED place them correctly. Ingame they have graphic glitches and units can move through it. Desert theater works excellent, winter indeed not. I got this kind of modern art instead until I changed the file names in winter.mix from .tem to .win. fix: http://www.4shared.com/file/K86GkcpJ/winter.html
  14. RAED Standalone

    nice job. It is possible to play this? The red alert palette looks awful used for the desert theater. it is possible to use the C&C desert palette for this? I would prefer to use the original shores/rivers from TD instead of editing the tiles from the temperate theater. I added the orginal desert rocks using the name slots from the interior boxes (boxes01 - boxes09) with .des ending. the editor use it proper, I think the game would too. desert_rocks.rar
  15. I created these maps long ago at the beginning of this millenium. Since Iran's 303 update I' m able to play RA1 again, so I collected the best and bunched them together to a full mod/expansion pack. I 've seen there are still people out there playing this old game, so they may enjoy this addon. The Discovert Ops missions are more epic, more complicated, much harder and more detailed (as well landscape and scripting) than the original missions. Originally I built these maps only for me and some friends and did not plan to upload them, so there is no coherent storyline and the sides are not strictly separated in USSR or allies. You are green, the enemy is red, thats everything. Some Features: 13 singleplayer missions 10 multiplayer maps water tiles and ore added to interior terrain reusage of c&c1 civilian structures (which were still hardcoded in RA) more than 20 new units, exclusive major bosses improved AI and ini settings (the skirmish AI now is a little bastard! ) Mirrors: See http://cnc-comm.com/community/index.php?topic=3068.0 Screenshots say more than text: (do not wonder, in some missions you'll hear EVA's "unit lost" at the beginning, I used an improvement containing spies, mines and silver crates to cloak hostile buildings.)