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    Why Zero Hour is awesome

    Hi there! Under the name of the Generals Gentlemen my co-caster and I produce great shoutcasts for Zero Hour and other RTS content. Today I'm going to be kicking off my new video series, "Games that I find awesome." In which I give my impressions of certain games exploring what I like and dislike about my favourite games. Naturally I shall be starting off with Command and Conquer Zero Hour, comparing and contrasting to other RTS games such as Starcraft II. Despite the servers going down we will continue to post Zero Hour content so like the Generals Gentlemen Facebook page to follow our content!
  2. Today the Generals Gentlemen celebrate our 100th video by posting our favourite shoutcast of all time. In this absolutely nuts gamecast of Command and Conquer Generals - Zero Hour, we have Murder as GLA Demolition and ShockNdAwe as China Vanilla battle it out on Melting Snow. This game really was insane and exciting, so much sick micro and so many great plays! Generals Gentlemen Facebook Page
  3. Today I'm excited to post the first ever dual cast for Command and Conquer Alpha! In this 1v1 game I team up with the very charming Sybert to cover an awesome live cast. This game was played on Nile Delta between Ganon as Mercury Red, the EU Rapid Assault General against Hexis playing as Kitbash, the GLA Engineer General. Since there is no observer mode we had to do a 2v2 game but instead of actually playing playing we casted from our ally's perspective. Generals Gentlemen Facebook Page Sybert's Channel.
  4. PwnageMachine

    Generals look-alikes

    Rofl... this is hillarious!
  5. Hey guys, for those of you who haven't heard of the Generals Gentlemen we hail from Gamereplays.org and we post shoutcasts for Command and Conquer Zero Hour and other C&C titles several times a week. Today are very excited to post our very first video for the Command and Conquer Alpha!(Also known as Generals 2.) We have been a part of the Alpha since the day it started back in March, but now as a result of the non-disclosure agreement finally being lifted we can start posting content! This video will be a first look at the game showcasing a 1v1 match online where we'll be talking about the game, discussing what we think about it and listing some things we like and dislike. It's a very honest review and opinion despite the rather positive tone. Just keep in mind this is still definitely an early Alpha build so nothing that you currently see is final and everything is subject to change. To keep up with all our Generals 2 and other C&C content like the Generals Gentlemen Facebook page or subscribe on YouTube!