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  1. Aaron Kaufman

    Catching Up with Aaron "APOC" Kaufman

    Hey guys, Thanks a ton for the out pour of "we miss you" in this thread. It goes without saying, and it can't be emphasized enough, I miss you guys a lot to. A tiberium sized piece of my heart is still with the C&C franchise and more importantly, this community. There is no doubt it's because of sites like this that the franchise is still going strong and will be rekindled in due time. I'll do my best to be around, i'm keeping a close eye on you guys, keep the C&C fires burning, there is certainly a future ahead. Cheers, your friend -APOC
  2. Its great to see the Roundtables continuing Sonic, I can't help but want to keep tabs on my C&C family every so often (geezus I've only been at THQ for 2 months and its feels like an eternity already). I have full confidence in EA Goodman and his new team, give them the time they need to rebalance the community, and when the dev team is ready to unveil their next project, they will, but not until they are ready. I am sure you are thankful they have the time to do what they gotta do, and that is make a great C&C game. Keep the fires burning, always remember, its you guys that keep the community going. -APOC
  3. Aaron Kaufman

    Amazing C&C art...o hey guys

    Hope everyone is doing well. Miss you guys a lot. Came across this image and wanted to share: From here: http://slodive.com/inspiration/mind-blowin...esigner-kratos/ Life at THQ is very different, but also similar. I am very confident there is a bright future for C&C nonetheless. Your friend, APOC
  4. Aaron Kaufman

    APOC Joins THQ as the New Community Manager

    Yea, it's been quite a hard start, lol. I tell you, it's like de-ja-vu all over again, "online issues with the game", where have I experienced THAT before. It'll get better, thanks for the encouragement guys. I miss you, sincerely. -APOC (always APOC to my C&C family!)
  5. Hey guys, How is everyone? I just wanted to say thank you for this thread and thank you from every piece of my heart for the last 6 years. Sonic and team have done an amazing job keeping this site fresh weekly, and its become a leader amongst the C&C community. My choice was difficult, but I know Goodman will my shoes with pride. I'll be sharing my new adventure soon. Miss you guys, sincerely. -APOC
  6. EPISODE 4 - KING TAKES PAWN.</b> Christian Pierce vs. Kane. The final showdown. Questions will be answers, plans will be revealed, and stories will end. View the full article
  7. One of our biggest multiplayer fan-sites, GameReplays.org is hosting the first of many Command & Conquer 4 tournaments, the first being their "Launch Cup". This one will be a 5v5 on Sunday, May 16th, and it will start at 18:00 GMT. The $100 cash prize goes 100% to the winning team. View the full article
  8. Aaron Kaufman

    The Sound of - NOD - Music

    Tim Wynn was the composer in charge of coming up with a sound for the NOD music. This didn't look like too big a challenge when we started, but looks are deceptive! View the full article
  9. Aaron Kaufman

    New Patch 1.03 Multiplayer Maps

    We recently deployed Patch 1.03 for Command & Conquer 4. This new patch addresses a number of minor bug fixes, but more importantly, it adds 3 new multiplayer maps to re-energize your 5v5 team action on. Check out these top down images to get a lay of the land, the tiberium control network node placements, and start planning your attack strategy. View the full article
  10. Aaron Kaufman

    APOC Looks Back at C&C Generals

    That is a topic for a long debate, but regardless, its been all but affirmed the two universes are completely separate by now. I am sure some will come here and write a long prose as to why I am wrong with story connections, and short quotes from past devs, but ultimately, Red Alert 2 was designed by Westwood, published by EA, so there was still a serious opportunity to connect them and keep it serious if that was the original intent. I think its better that they remain separate and things went the way they did. It created a distinct "distinction" between the two universes and allowed for a lot less confusion in the end. -APOC
  11. Aaron Kaufman

    APOC Looks Back at C&C Generals

    That's why they call it Command & Conquer =)
  12. Aaron Kaufman

    APOC Looks Back at C&C Generals

    When Command & Conquer branched off in to the Red Alert universe many moons ago, that is when "Command & Conquer" became a style of RTS play, a universe in which a certain type of RTS gameplay was expected, a franchise. Even though there were attempts or proclamations back in the mid-90's that the Red Alert and Tiberian universes were meant to be canonically connected by their stories, that never saw a successful light. Sure Joe Kucan made a cameo in Red Alert, but looking back that was a parody that caused a lot of confusion. Nowhere since has there been any strong storied connection THAT EVERYONE GETS between the Red Alert and Tiberian universe. And yet, both carry the franchise name "Command & Conquer". When Westwood created Red Alert 2, Tiberian Sun, they furthered the separation of those two universes, solidifying their storylines, and further emphasizing "Command & Conquer" as a universe, a "style of RTS gameplay" that would forever be known for traditional resource gathering rock em sock tank rush in your face aggressive arcade like action. And why is Renegade not chided the way Generals was? =) That was a clear departure from "Command & Conquer", even though it vaguely connected stories in the Tiberian universe as an off-shoot. So which brings me to my point yet again, Command & Conquer: Generals/Zero Hour went on to sell millions, and while its story/fiction was not even even close to that of Tiberian/Red Alert with hardly any memorable storied characters (unless you count units), GENERALS was a COMMAND & CONQUER "style of game" set in a completely different modern warfare universe. Arguably and I think justifiably, Westwood/EA Games capitalized on the current world events situation at the time, and made a true Command & Conquer game in the sense of gameplay and general over-the-top themes, tone, unit actions, etc. Generals was created as a new C&C Universe in the same exact way and manner as Red Alert, and even Renegade. I think it's time to look at "Command & Conquer" as a universe/style of play, not as a Tiberian/Red Alert only franchise. Even though those two C&C universes have had the most games made under them. The fact that the hardcore loved the Generals Multiplayer (as you said) further strengthens the argument/fact that "Command & Conquer" is a style of RTS and one could almost create new universes under the name, as long as it carries/maintains the style of gameplay/themes, etc that you've come to know and love since 1995. -APOC
  13. Aaron Kaufman

    The GDI Kodiak Story

    With the initial construction of the Tiberium Control Network already underway, the GDI Council was able to free up enough resources to order the development of new aircraft proficient enough to match (or better) their Scrin opposite numbers. Learn more about the lore of the GDI Kodiak. View the full article
  14. Aaron Kaufman

    The Final BattleCast Primetime

    BattleCast Primetime rides off in to the sunset with one last GG at what it did best, The Final 10 View the full article
  15. Aaron Kaufman

    The Nod Cyborg Reaper

    Prior to the Firestorm conflict, the Reaper's existence was little more than a rumor, a staple of frontline gossip amongst GDI infantryman gossip. View the full article