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  1. This is interesting news! Well done to all of those involved in allowing this to release into the wild, fascinating as an insight into how Red Alert was developed and also in terms of preserving games from an archival perspective. Excited to see what else releases over time, gives me hope that there are early builds of Red Alert 2 / Tiberian Sun out there somewhere (I've heard rumours about both existing over the years). Back in the day Deezire mentioned something about a pre-release version of Tiberian Sun and a 'Red Alert 2 beta' seemed to exist on Russian file-sharing sites, though that could of been click bait.
  2. Well I think this C&C Commando PS1 tech demo proves that there really could be anything out there Digital archaeology...
  3. This is great. I'm still holding out for a tech demo of Westwoods original CNC 3 / Tiberian Incursion.
  4. Gracktov

    Victory Games Begins Packing Up

    That photo of the set of draws is such a tease, would love to get my hands on the 'Westwood Tapes'