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  1. New Tiberian Sun Online Lobby - CnCNet5

    Even without that it happened
  2. Kane lives!

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    2. Plokite_Wolf


      He never died in the first place ;)

    3. HappyBloxxyBob


      So bored playing Tiberian Sun by myself.

    4. Jehal


      Why play by yourself, when you can play with others?

  3. New Tiberian Sun Online Lobby - CnCNet5

    When I played it on skirmish the AI was very bad because the only way they attacked was by shooting Missiles, Ion Cannon, Etc at me
  4. Tiberium RPG

    I really like the idea of a Tiberium series RPG. The only thing is I don't really care for the several centuries back thing. Otherwise it sounds good!
  5. Season 6 Planning

    Oh, ok. But please don't do Generals!
  6. I love C&C!

    1. Jehal


      Youv'e come to the right place!

    2. Luk3us
    3. HappyBloxxyBob


      I have all of the games so I guess I do....

  7. Season 6 Planning

    I don't understand one thing. Why do you make the Soviets and early Nod look like Civilians with red clothing and rifles? Also I would like more Red Alert ? maybe Aftermath or Counter Strike.(If you have not done it)! I have never played it but Generals does not look interesting.I enjoyed Tiberium Legos alot too.