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  1. Although the game is only available in the United States and Canada at the time of writing, the pre-alpha version of Command & Conquer: Rivals will soon get its first patch. On EA Answers HQ, which is EA's centralized helpdesk forum, game designer Greg Black posted a list of focus points that the team at Redwood Studios is looking to deliver on. These include resolving Nod's dominance over GDI, double Harvester openers being hard to counter, Sandstorms being too difficult to counter with basic infantry, Flame Troopers being overly effective against light vehicles, Cyborgs (Reapers!) being too cost-efficient, and tier 4 units being too cheap. Click here to see the whole post with full explanations for these changes.
  2. Another round of news both from the official side and the community, since neither seem to have full-blown news lately. From the C&C: Rivals front: A newly revealed community manager for the game, known only under the tag Redwood_dance210 / EA_dance210 has stated on Reddit that, quote, "there are no plans to expand pre-alpha into other territories at this time", as well as publicly announced that the progress made by players who are currently in the pre-alpha build will not be wiped, which in translation means that they will have a head-start compared to newcomers at launch. Since the patch schedule for the game seems to be quite frequent as seen in the official EA Answers HQ subforum, we have compiled current patch notes and Greg Black's pre-patch announcements which shed light on why each change was made. We will keep these pages updated as new patches arrive. From the community front: Red Alert: A Path Beyond has been updated to version, and now has organized play times on Thursdays and Saturdays at 22:00 CEST. The CnC: Final War mod for Yuri's Revenge got its first development blog, showcasing subfactions and map production. The Contra mod for Zero Hour has posted an update on the new Widow unit for the Cybernetic general. OpenRA has a map design contest underway, which lasts until August 10th, so be quick if you want to make the deadline! Our friends at the French C&C Saga have opened up an Instagram account, where they are showing off all the C&C collections and goodies that their staff has gathered over the years.
  3. The developers at Redwood Studios seem to be highly aware of the overwhelmingly negative response to the recent announcement of Command & Conquer: Rivals. The studio's general manager, Michael Martinez, whom we have first seen at EA Play on Saturday, told Eurogamer today that while they are fighting an uphill battle against an already sceptical audience, they want the game to be judged solely on the gameplay, and invites everyone (n.B. only players from the United States and Canada currently have access to the pre-alpha) to try it out and "give it a fair shake". Game designer Greg Black, whose return to EA last November sparked hope for C&C fans of a new RTS considering his prior work, added how he too was originally sceptical of the game when it was first presented to him, but as he played more of it, he began enjoying it more. They do not seem to be all that confident, however, as when Eurogamer asked whether they will be able to "win round the sceptics", Martinez merely said that it would be a challenge. You can read the full article by Wesley Yin-Poole by clicking here.
  4. It's a special double feature for tonight. We bring you both the news from the official front, as well as some new and a few residual older pieces of community news. So let's get right to it. First, we cover the official stuff regarding Command & Conquer: Rivals. The game was patched twice in the span of one week. Right after the first patch on the 15th, a new patch was announced on the 18th and deployed on the 20th. Both of these patches were fine tuning for the game's balance, so there were no new features added or existing ones changed so far. What is linked above is part 2 of an interview from EA Play 2018 with Greg Black by Bryan Vahey. While part 1 (which also featured Michael Martinez) and the beginning of part 2 had nothing that we haven't heard before, the middle of part 2 sheds some light on Black's return to EA. Now on to community news. What you see above is "A Moment Of Madness", an awesome video by DoMiNaToR, one of the most successful Zero Hour players in modern times. It was done with the help of GenTool, and is not unlike a similar video by the latter's author xezon titled "A Moment Of Silence" from 7 years ago. A few weeks ago, Renegade-X received patch 5.354, which fixes maps, a few bugs and makes some quality-of-life changes. On Saturday, 30th June, GameReplays.org will host a 1v1 tournament in the recently updated Kane's Wrath mod One Vision. On 7th July, there will be a "C&C3 Conjunct Tournament", which will simultaneously be held in Tiberium Wars and its Kane's Wrath expansion for a prize of $150. That's all for now. If you have any news you know about and want featured here, please drop us a line.
  5. Moments ago, the new C&C game was announced. It is Command & Conquer: Rivals, and is a mobile game in the Tiberium universe. It is a 1v1 game where each player builds decks of units and goes against the other. The center of the map holds a nuclear missile silo which is controlled by the owner of the majority of control points on the map. More info and descriptions coming soon, but for now, here is the official gameplay overview. The official site is here https://www.ea.com/en-gb/games/command-and-conquer/command-and-conquer-rivals. The game was announced to be available for testing on the Google Play store for Android users.
  6. As could be expected for a game of this description, Command & Conquer: Rivals got immediate and overwhelmingly negative reactions on social media, forums, fansites, the C&C subreddit, and Discord. It hasn't even been a full day since the announcement at EA Play 2018, and the #NotMyCnC hashtag has already exploded on Twitter. The reactions vary from Angry Joe's rant shown above, an elaborate analysis by our friend @Banshee from Project Perfect Mod, Boogie2988's table flip, Genna Bain's comment on how the late Totalbiscuit would've reacted to this, repeating comments on how bad the model of Kane looks, and even PC Gamer taking a jab. Here at CNCNZ.com, we will continue to cover all news regarding Command & Conquer: Rivals as we have for every other official game in the past, despite everyone's sentiments towards the game, including our own that mirror everything linked above, as it is our duty as a fansite to bring you the latest news on Command & Conquer, whatever they may be. Relatedly, we have just opened a page on our gallery for C&C Rivals concept art and renders, and will keep the gallery updated as more assets become available.