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Found 1 result

  1. AZ-Stalker

    RenX General Discussion

    A place for everything that doesn't need its own thread (so the chatbox doesn't get crowded too often with RenX-only chatter). ------------------------------ Now, onto some generic discussion! I have a couple of things on my mind which I need to get out of me. Firstly, I know everyone remembers the old red-glass-dome-helmet chem trooper from Renegade and I would love to see that armor set return in an updated form. The chem trooper was recently updated from a repainted nod soldier to a repainted new BH character model, and that doesn't sit well with me (albeit the new models look badass). Ofcourse, the devs can't focus on things like that all the time. Anyone else miss the red bucket head model? A second topic I'd like to draw attention to is what do other players think of exploits such as the APCs fitting through the trees at the central cave on Lakeside and getting behind both bases through the river-forest "infantry only" path. Since it isn't technically glitching, the vehicles CAN fit with some careful driving but anti-vehicle blockers do exist on both base sides of the river path if I understood correctly. Also, SBH infiltration teams always go for the same paths on maps such as Xmountain and other maps, sticking to certain rock ledges and particular flanks, which makes it easy to spot them with systematic rapid fire from a defensive humvee or APC along those rock lines - it uncovers them once you get a proximity hit and you can continue shooting or just squish them. The problem arises when SBH teams, along with experienced clan members from certain servers, start calling this tactic "cheating", thinking that the vehicle defender is able to see SBHs at a distance. Which isn't the case. I've been on countless SBH infiltrations and have pretty much like everyone else figured out the best paths which comes in handy while on GDI defense. And thats all there is to it - you know the enemy's moves because you were the enemy and did those same moves. This is just a thing that has been bugging me and I wanted to say something on the matter.