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Found 2 results

  1. AZ-Stalker

    Various Game Fixes

    As we've seen through Open Beta 1-2-3, the introductory videos in Renegade X are a must watch every time you start the game up. It would be great if the devs over at Totem Arts decide to enable introduction skipping by some means (via the options menu or just pressing ESC). Ofcourse, a mandatory intro video viewing on your first game startup is reasonable, but every time? Come on! Until such updates arrive (if the devs decide to address this matter) there have been a few know fixes which were talked about in CNCNZ's chatbox and on the Renegade X official forums, so I would just like to write them down over here so anyone having trouble can easily find them in case the info we stated earlier gets lost (along with any other cool little edits). It's worth mentioning that this thread could very well be used to cover various game edits and fixes that arise and have all of them documented for furthur use at the same time with no extra effort. If anyone has any similar issues or can help enlighten the rest of us to such helpful new options, please don't hesitate to write down helpful info and small edit proceedures. Any more small fixes we should know about? Post helpful information below to keep everyone informed or ask for assistance if you need help with technical issues like the ones mentioned above!
  2. I've downloaded TIbEd Professional for Red alert 2 Yuri's revenge because I thought I could edit the ingame textures with it. Now I think I can't I've read the turials and google it, but nothing. I don't understand why I can't find anything about it, I saw mods with modified textures. How do I edit them?