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Kane's Wrath Patch 1.01 Close to Release

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The long awaited 1.01 patch for Kane's Wrath is nearing a release date. And just a couple of days ago APOC posted the final patch notes on the Official C&C Forums. The most important area of this patch is the desync problem that has plagued online play since Kane's Wrath was released and many of them have been taken care of in this patch, as you will see below....


Desync Fixes

  • Fixed a desync that occurs when a Nod ally attempts to create a Decoy army of a Mechapede.
  • Fixed a desync that occurs when creating a free-for-all 8 player game with 6 brutal AI.
  • Fixed a desync that occurs when playing a 6 player game with 4 AIs after both human players have been eliminated and are spectating the match.
  • Fixed a desync that occurs when playing against a brutal AI with 2 players on level Unfair Advantage.
  • Fixed a desync that occurs when playing with 2 players against a Brutal Black Hand AI on the map Unfair Advantage.
  • Fixed a desync when 2 players use Black Hand vs GDI on the map Tournament Arena.
  • Fixed a desync that occurs when engaging Firehawks with Seekers
  • Fixed a desync when Venoms attack a Plasma Missile Battery that is detecting an invisible unit
You can read the full patch notes by clicking here. This patch is currently on target for a release in week of June 23-27.

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That is what they are doing duh. :P


I just hope this patch is great, cause if it isn't, I can't see EA releasing any more. :(

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A lot of changes there - read through them and the first page of comments. I totally missed the update to the Rage generator... now 8s.


Some of the changes seem aimed at stoping a few early rush tactics - which made me ponder instead of increaing cost of bloodhound support powers for instance - why don't ALL support powers start in the "just fired" mode so that there is an additional wait for the weapon to charge up?

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Reading a patch changelog for any EALA RTS never fails to bring a smile to my face.

  • X unit damage increased by 90%
  • X structure build time reduced by 80%
  • X unit damage versus Y unit cut by 60%
Subtle tweaking it ain't :D


But seriously, I'm not sure if such a massive variety of balance changes was entirely necessary...guess I'll find out soon enough.

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