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Get Your Classic C&C Ringtones

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So you scored yourself that free copy of Red Alert, how about some more free stuff. EA have continued to hand out gifts on the Official Red Alert 3 Site in the form of a Classic C&C Ringtones Pack.


To continue the celebration of the Command & Conquer 13th anniversary, we have carefully hand selected some of our all-time favorite "classic C&C quotes" + HELL MARCH, and pulled them directly from the games to transform them into ringtones for your mobile phone. And yes, we did say you can now have the original Hell March as your ringtone! We've seen the hundreds of debates and lists over the years for the best C&C quotes, but ladies and gentlemen, this small collection of sounds are without a doubt some of the most classic, if not hilarious lines, ever heard in a C&C game. And it just so happens, two of them are from the upcoming Red Alert 3. So, let the debates rage as we are now offer you an exclusive ringtone download package, which you will not find anywhere else.



  • "I've got a present for ya!" - Commando from Tiberian Dawn
  • "Extra crispy" - Shock Trooper from Red Alert: Aftermath
  • "Shake it baby!" - Tanya from Red Alert 2
  • "One way trip" - Demolition Truck from Red Alert 2
  • "I'm here to serve you" - Rising Sun Engineer from Red Alert 3
  • "Put me in coach!" - Javelin Soldier from Red Alert 3
  • Original Hell March - Frank Klepacki, Red Alert (rock on!)

Use the link below to download the Classic C&C Ringtones Pack....


Details for the getting the ringtones on to your phone can be found here.

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You know this is a simple, but obvious freebie. Good job. I'll probably never use them, but I've downloaded and enjoyed listening to them anyway.


I'm sure us fans could come up with a more approprate list of sfx for ringtones, text alerts etc though.

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lol.. Nice package, I'll never use but still. :P

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