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EDITING not modding just EDITING

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ok as you may have guessed and i wouldnt have put this here if ANYBODY :mad: had answered valarons question in his post on editing Tiberium wars. He asked the question im asking now but all he got was another question to his answer. :unsure: seriously why do people do that. Anyway if you understood all that, I dont want to modify the units, I just want to edit the stats like build time/cost/speed etc. Like with using osbig editor in generals/zero hour to edit the .ini file. Ive tried modsdk and it drove me nuts, now is there any way that I can edit the files in tiberium wars WITHOUT using modsdk. Ive tried osbig editor on tiberium wars already and that got me nowhere. Or do you use tibed whatever that is? Can somebody PLEASE let me know what to do BTW EA make good games but why they do this to their consumers who want to edit their games to make them more fun/easy for them :confused:. But please guys :pray: can someone tell me or send me a vid on how to do that PLEASE? it would be greatly appreciated :) (p.s) would be good if there was a edsdk > EDITsdk? would make life so much easier :yawn:

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lol Block of text (could be mina's soul mate)


Anyway, what do you define as editing? because editing=modding to me.


Also i don't believe there is any other way to "edit" or "mod" the game without the SDK.

Why is there a problem with using the SDK?

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ok i wrote that last night so i was a bit rowdy hence the strong words lol um ok. To me editing just means rewriting the words on a specific line, modding means modifying the objects colour/size/weight etc. Youre right, it does mean the same thing, the only reason i wrote it out like I did is because (1) some forums ive read i get confused because they use the word modding in the same sentence to define 2 different meanings and i get :confused: and :mad: and (2) ive tried modsdk and all I figured out was you have to delete the unit and replace it with a new one with stats that you write and then you got to download this and that and then run this to get that and so on. the only trouble is how do you write the entire code for that one unit?, (when youre not a game developer and have no idea what to do). I hate modsdk probably because i wasted like a week and 2 reinstalls of c&c JUST trying to figure how to rewrite about 4 or 5 stupid lines. !!!(THATS ALL I WANT TO DO)!!! not only that everyone said read the sdk documentation right? well I did and followed it to what I THOUGHT they said and got nowhere, where is the section that tells you which directory to go to open a unit file with a text editor and rewrite it. But ive had a rest from all that now. ill give modsdk a go again but i really need a beginners guide to it with pictures step by step the whole shebang. but yeah to sum up modsdk drove me up the wall but hey if you can help me man please do all i want to know is how to edit the files. then i might work on modding the units. . . .if I dont throw my pc through the window first . . :unsure:

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lol Try paragraphs dude.


I suggest using Tibed, I'm not sure what the latest version is like though. I haven't modded edited in a while.

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Hey man just one more thing ive figured out what i wanted to, well sort of.

When I run the command Prompt to change directory's to build the mod I run cd

and get to C:\ Program Files\EA Games\. Then I run cd Command & Conquer 3 and it comes up with


The system cannot find the path specified.

'Conquer' is not recognized as a internal or external command,

operable program or batch file




um so why the F*** is it not reading my directory structure. FFS the last step in doing what i want and IT F***S UP

Could it be due to the fact that I renamed the electronic arts folder to EA Games when I installed C & C 3?

PLease HELP!!!!!!!! :pray:

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AS well I just reinstalled it again lost my campaign that I worked so hard to do and managed to get the directory structure just by changing the & to AND when I reinstalled the game, but now the buildmod.bat file wont run. After I type in "buildmod.bat my mod" in cmd, I get this


'buildmod.bat' is not recognized as a internal or external command, operable program or batch file


:mad: seriously im not gonna have a pc soon. I followed the instructions that the documentation said and it doesnt work. seriously WTF?! everyone else gets it but somehow my machine doesnt why oh why

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Ok Guys can anyone help me. Forget the last 2 comments I managed to get the mod built and saved etc. Only problem is when I launch it the mod doesnt work because I get the error "Critical File C:\ Program Files\. . .\mod.xml not found.

Why is that, Ive tried editing the code in mod.xml but to no avail. heres my mod.xml file whats wrong with it?


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<AssetDeclaration xmlns="uri:ea.com:eala:asset" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance">
            mod.xml is the central include for mod setup data.        
        <Include type="reference" source="DATA:static.xml" />
        <Include type="reference" source="DATA:global.xml" />
                <Include type="reference" source="DATA:mod.xml" />
        <!--GDI Units-->
        <Include type="all" source="DATA:GDI Mod/Data/Units/GDIAPC.xml" />      
        <Include type="all" source="DATA:GDI Mod/Data/Units/GDIAPC_Veteran.xml" />
        <Include type="all" source="DATA:GDI Mod/Data/Units/GDIEngineer.xml" />

and the rest. Somebody Please help? :pray: until then im going to drown my sorrows :beer::D

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Well, I have another problem. But I imagine yours is <Include type="reference" source="DATA:mod.xml" />.


I'm confused on this too because it says "mod.xml is the central include for mod setup data."


I don't think it's needed as a include. Even if it was it wouldn't be located under DATA:mod.xml which is why you're getting that error.

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OK. if you want a straight, no fuss, modding tool, and you only want to edit what's already in the game, use TibEd2. It will let you edit the xml files, it won't let you add anything new. You don't need to write any new neccessary files as it does this automatically when you "create mod." This appears to be what you want to do.

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